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We finally have a bathroom door. And baseboards! #stanley90sreno week 20

Two big milestones happened this past week at our fixer upper!

The layout of our master bathroom is the "suite" style with the vanity and entrance to the closet in one room and the toilet and shower in another. This is stupid for several reasons... mainly:

  • There was no door to the bedroom from the vanity, so the light glared onto anyone still sleeping!
  • There was carpet in the vanity part of the bathroom (and a big icky spot under the carpet from people standing there wet after a shower! Ugh!)
  • There is only one window in the bathroom area, above the toilet; the wall/door blocks all the natural light coming to the vanity where you're doing your makeup and want all the light you can get.
  • It makes both rooms feel small!

You can see this funky layout in person in our before tour. No good. That wall between the vanity and toilet will be coming out soon I hope, but in the meantime I've been meaning to move the trim from the inside door frame to the bedroom door frame (it previously had a cased opening with no door-mounting trim).

My dad came over the other weekend with his nail gun and we did the door frame swap. Then during the week I filled the holes with wood filler, primed, and painted (using the same method we did for all our trim). Finally this weekend it was dry and I was able to install the door!

Here it is before (the old frame accidentally got partially primed--it is now trash). Ignore the turquoise painted floors--cannot wait to get tile in there! Ugh, this bathroom is so gross right now.

We are so excited to have a bathroom door!!

Already we used it as Jason slept in Sunday and I was able to get dressed in a light room without bugging him!

Another big step of the past week is we bought and painted baseboards. I really should have measured the whole house first... but I just did a rough estimate based on how many rooms we have, and I am fine going back for more later. We will do it in chunks, anyway. I am not looking forward to installing these but buying them (had to have my dad help so we could strap them to his car) and painting some of them (they come with primer on them, which is a big help) were the first steps! We are a tiny bit done!

Also note that white door in the back of the photo (and ignore the messy garage, please?)--we bought that at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore over the weekend since doors were 75% off for the month of February. It's almost like new and has a nice craftsman look and was in the exterior door section but looks like an interior door--it's actually labeled "laundry" on the top edge and that's how we're going to use it, too! It will replace that navy door to the right, which is a dinged up hollow metal door with no functioning knob! The previous residents replaced it with a padlock so now you just push/pull to open it. :/ Excited to replace it with the clean white one and a real knob!

Meanwhile, I am still on the hunt for rugs, dressers to use as bathroom vanities, and other fabulous Craigslist scores and am thinking more seriously about our kitchen tile backsplash which I think will happen after the baseboards. Things are happening!

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