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How much should you share in a holiday card?? Here's ours!

Every year I wonder about this. We're two adults, no kids, no big family dog or dramatic changes in appearance most years, and other than our wedding 5.5 years ago, my book being published, and buying our townhouse and our current fixer upper house, nothing super duper huge has happened.

At the end of 2015 I was feeling pretty discouraged, especially thinking about what to share in our holiday cards. We had tried to buy a house that summer and it didn't work out. Husband applied to physical therapy school but didn't get in. I honestly felt like my most interesting accomplishment that year was learning about 80% of Taylor Swift's catalog. So I was a little stumped on what to share in our holiday cards!

This year we had a few more positive things to say. We are very proud to be fixing up our house, and husband and I are both doing great at our jobs, and we did celebrate our 5-year anniversary! But we've been struggling a little, too, and I don't want to be complaining about being busy or overwhelmed to our family and friends, even though sometimes we feel that way.

Last year our card was just a photo of us and "happy holidays," I think, in script. I forget what was on the back. It was very pretty but didn't show a whole lot about us.

So this year I was really excited that Minted has some new backing options including this cute infographic template of big things to share throughout the year and seasons.  Front...

And back!

I really get writer's block trying to summarize what's happened to us in the year, but with this template it was super fast to write some highlights and check back in my calendar to what we were doing each season! Laid out like this, even simple things like berry picking and trips to the coast make our year look pretty well-rounded and fun!

We used this photo my friend took of us the other weekend when we went up to the mountain to play in the snow. (My hands were cold so I hid them under husband's vest and didn't realize it would look like I didn't have a hand. Is that weird?) We traded off and I took some photos of my friend's family, too!

I had a hard time choosing the card as usual, since there are so many cute ones, but I loooove how Minted lets you plug the photo into all the designs at once.

I was originally thinking something plainer, but I really love the white text, which doesn't work well on the pretty snow background. Husband chose this "merry" wintery look one.

I'm so glad we have the happy news of our house purchase to share this year, but even if not, I feel really good about sharing some more personal details than we did last year. I hope our family and friends enjoy reading our little recap!

How much detail and good and bad do you share in your cards??

You can get an extra 15% off and free upgraded shipping through today, 12.20 at Minted!

Thanks to Minted for providing me these holiday cards!

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