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#Stanley90sreno week 7: Almost to the detail stage, plus lighting and cabinets! Fireplace advice?

We are getting to the bottom of our constant to-do list for Phase 1 of our reno! (Not including installing the floors, kitchen counters, or kitchen tile and shelving, which we don't have yet.) I had some extra time this week and weekend with the Thanksgiving holiday, and while I wanted to get lots of work done around here, I almost ran out of little tasks I could do by myself!

Starting to look almost homey in here...

Our to-do list this past week and weekend included (finished items crossed off):
  • Rake leaves in back yard
  • Install kitchen sink
  • Install dishwasher
  • Install bamboo blinds (they are from Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper and custom from our windows. They look awesome! We don't have the kitchen one up yet.)
  • Measure rug and curtain sizes
  • Set up office
  • Install beam
  • Finish painting trim (almost!)
  • Finish hanging doors & installing handles (almost!)
  • Finish painting cabinets
  • Paint inside of sink cabinet
  • Install cabinet doors
  • Fix washing machine connections
  • Hook up fridge water/ice maker
  • Build & install ceiling fan
  • Install outlet covers
  • Tidy garage for gym
  • Fix dishwasher leak

My biggest goal last week was to finish painting the cabinets and re-install the doors and drawer fronts. I was totally intimidated, though, and worried about getting them on straight and centered!! It turns out there isn't really a trick to this, just a matter of measuring, leveling, holding, and marking very carefully.

My very handy brother-in-law helped.


I hope to get to installing the hardware this week!

While really not critical, I was really excited to install this ceiling fan we just got. I was surprised to find a simple, stylish fan for under $100!! I got overwhelmed about installing it at first and put the blades on before we mounted it to the ceiling, which you're not supposed to do, but other than that it was easy. Well, and we broke the mounting box in the ceiling and had to install a new one. But that we couldn't have anticipated!

It's still a construction zone in here (2x4s on the floor in the corner, and paint in the other corner that you can't see, and of course no flooring or vent covers) but it's coming together!

Hey, and that fireplace... I would love to paint it white like the trendy all-white living rooms I pin, but husband wants to go for a more "cozy" look in here and keep it natural. I am thinking of removing the brassy cover, though. I don't need to replace it with anything, do I? Maybe I should spray paint it black with high heat paint? Will it be too drafty without it? Does your fireplace have a cover? Have you seen any pretty rooms with natural, not-painted brick fireplaces?

Moving on... this week we hope to get our countertops and maybe even install them! Oh, and the cabinet hardware! Plus little touch-ups here and there. Stay tuned on my Instagram stories for live updates, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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