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#Stanley90sreno week 5 update: MOVING IN! Plus more trim painting, and exploring the crawlspace

The biggest news of the week is that we moved into the fixer upper this weekend. We didn't intend to spend 4 weeks living at my parents' place but it was just so comfortable there compared to our construction zone with no heating, half-painted doors everywhere, and no furniture... but we got some projects wrapped up last week and are so happy to be moved into our home, half-done and all!

The to-do list for this last weekend was (finished items crossed off):

  • Paint trim
  • Put up doors (1/2)
  • Put up curtains
  • Wash windows  
  • Install outlet switch plates (1/2)
  • Remove/replace kitchen fluorescent light
  • Hook up washer and dryer
  • Clean kitchen cabinets
  • Unpack pantry
  • Move in entertainment center stuff
  • Organize garage
  • Rake leaves, clean backyard trash (1/2)
  • Break down empty moving boxes

We also took our first grocery shopping trip Sunday morning which was pretty exciting. Now we have food! And I unpacked some kitchen boxes so we have more than one pan and whatever was clean in the dishwasher when we packed a month ago (and thus didn't make it into the main kitchen boxes). We are holding off unpacking everything in the kitchen till we redo the cabinets (this coming week!!) but we are feeling much more comfortable with what we have out now!

But, the big things...

Over the week I painted trim which took freaking forever. I timed myself a couple times--one door was about 20 minutes. Windows might be longer since some of them have tiny pieces that are really hard to paint. We did one coat of primer and two coats of paint (so they look fantastic) but boooooy is that a lot of work. Thankfully my mom and brother-in-law did coats on some of them!

I will be sharing a post about our trim and door transformations this week!

On Saturday morning husband and my dad tackled installing the dryer. We had looked into it before and couldn't tell exactly where the dryer was venting, and felt disgusting gobs of lint glued to the sides of the vent pipe. So we decided to replace it rather than try to clean it, however long it was, and Jason crawled under the house twice on Saturday to remove it and then replace it.

Apparently it's pretty gross down there.

But what's really gross? THIS is what the dryer was venting through. You could barely see light through the other end! Serious fire hazard, right!?!? We replaced it for only $22 in materials and a couple hours of work!

We also unpacked a little more which felt sooo good. Check out my IG stories for behind-the-scenes and what the house is looking like! We don't have our flooring in yet but put enough furniture down that we can be comfortable and get a feel for what the house will be like! (And putting up curtains really helped, even though they are all funny lengths and some are way too narrow for the windows they're on! But they provide privacy and make it feel homier in here.)

Sunday we did some garage organizing and raked leaves. Pretty exciting to rake our first leaves as homeowners, actually. Our townhouse had no yard maintenance which was a blessing at the time but now we are so glad to have the space!

Now to our first week of living here! As I said we will be working on the KITCHEN! Follow along on Instagram for my behind-the-scenes stories, and check back this week for more on the amazing door/trim transformation!

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