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Celebrating our anniversary two ways--and a giveaway!

We celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary last week. FIVE years ago we became married people! FIVE years ago I made my wedding dress and bridesmaids' dresses, made vintage-inspired decor for our wedding venue, gathered our friends and family for a very personal service, and danced the night away. (See all my wedding posts here.) SO much has changed since then in our relationship and we're happier than ever and excited to celebrate!!

We've done little getaways around our anniversaries in the past but this year we got to celebrate in grander fashion on two weekend getaways. One of which you can win for yourself!

Last weekend we went to Central Oregon with my parents for a two-night stay in Bend with a trip to Smith Rock. It was super fun. We've been there before but not in the summer! We had such a relaxed time, just doing a few touristy thing with my parents and relaxing at the hotel. We were pretty disconnected and didn't take many photos at all so I don't have any to show you here... but you can see a few snapshots on my Instagram!

Then this past weekend we did a staycation just for ourselves. We went to The Heathman, which is pretty much the quintessential historic Portland hotel in my eyes, and is beautiful and super centrally located in downtown.

We each work within a mile of downtown Portland, and have been driving through on the regular for most of our real adult lives... so downtown on its own is not too special, but we've never spent the night in a central, easy location and not had to worry about parking or traffic or finding a place to eat! We really, really enjoyed having a little oasis/home base and got to enjoy our favorite city like tourists! (The best of both worlds!)

Our room was lovely with both historic and modern touches. The Heathman recently went through a huge "landfill-free" renovation, making it one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Portland!

The room came with neat little touches like this literary companion to Portland and really nice quality soaps/toiletries.

We had drinks at the hotel bar (1927, a speakeasy open only to hotel guests)--such a treat because going to bars together is something we literally never do!! I don't drink hardly at all, and we don't eat out much, so having a glass of rosé (husband tried an Oregon line of scotch that was excellent) was a very decadent experience!

We also had room service for dinner--more locally sourced choices on the food menu, and my salad with tangy dressing and baked lemon slices was excellent. So were my roasted Brussels sprouts (one of my all-time favorite veggies!).

In the morning, we did what we do on most of our little vacations away--got up slowly, wandered around to find some coffee for husband. Except this time we got to go to his favorite downtown coffee shop, and wander around downtown Portland at 9am on a weekend, seeing a totally different crowd and vibe than usual! Other tourists, some early shoppers... all in the beautiful summer weather as stores were opening and the market was going on. We did a little shopping, also something I almost never have time for.

The Heathman is an excellent place to stay in downtown Portland, in the heart of the financial and cultural district, right around the theaters, park blocks, Pioneer Courthouse Square and mall, downtown Nordstrom, and more. It was so fun for us to spend a night away there, and would be great for anyone visiting from out of town!

The Heathman is offering a night stay there as a giveaway to one of my readers--just head over to my Instagram for a chance to win!! The details are in this photo. Winner will be chosen Sunday, 8/21. May you enjoy a stay as relaxing and refreshing as ours!!

Thanks to The Heathman for providing us covering all of our accommodations at our stay. I received no other compensation for this post.

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