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Host an afternoon of sewing with friends!

This weekend I joined two friends in a sewing afternoon! It's something I've done a few times before but it's been a while - I'm so glad I got to do it again!

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Host a sewing afternoon!

Having more sewing expertise than most of my friends, I've helped several of them go through their mending piles and do simple sewing fixes. Take up straps, shorten skirts, maybe hem Ikea curtains... (a lot of skills you can learn in my book DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!)

For people who don't sew a lot, it's so helpful to have someone there to guide, help with threading the machine, offer tips for shortcuts... it takes a long time (due partly to the chatting, catching up, snacking, and in our case, making sure our husbands were occupied) so I recommend blocking out a whole afternoon! But you can really get a lot done. Between the three of us we each got 2-3 projects done (or for me, cut out) and it was so much more fun than doing it alone. We traded off sewing and pressing, too, which saves a lot of time! (Ugh, sometimes getting up to press and pin feels like such an interruption!)

I'm happy to help my friends with their projects, and I ran some design ideas by them for the next projects I cut out and am planning!

If you're not as experienced with sewing, you can invite a relative or friend over to help you! Offer to make some snacks or dinner in return, save up some projects (little things from the mending pile are great, and if you want to cut out a project, prewash fabric if it's a 100% cotton woven), and bring your sewing machine and right colors of thread or invite your friend over to your space.

I highly recommend a crafty afternoon with friends!

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