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Amazing remodeled homes--and a giveaway!

I visited Street of Dreams last summer for the first time in years and husband and I had so much fun admiring the construction, marveling at the master closets, and thinking about what our dream home would look like. It was definitely overwhelming, seeing so many massively expensive homes all on one street. But we did learn a few things that might translate to our own home goals!

This spring, a similar event is going on in the Portland area: the Tour of Remodeled Homes, an annual show of decor and craftsmanship on regular people's homes--like, these homes are not 5,000 square feet and are actually inhabited by the owners while they are in the show. There are 9 very impressive remodels in the show and they're all normal homes you can imagine yourself living in.

Here's my favorite photo from the 2015 remodels! The lights! The handles! The tile backsplash!

Tour of Remodeled Homes is giving away TWO sets of two tickets to my readers! The show is March 12-13, a week from this coming weekend, and you can visit any of the homes during that time. They're all over the Portland area and you can use your ticket any time the days of the show. (You have to start at one of the three "starter homes" to get a magazine and directions to the other homes--see map here.)

Here are some of my favorite "after" photos from this year's homes!

This is from home 8, a Tudor style home from the 1920's in NE Portland. I grew up in a historic home and I've always appreciated when renovations keep the original spirit of the home intact. From the description it sounds like this one definitely did honor the home's style and add some quality touches (penny tile in the bathroom? I want to see it!).

This one is from home 9, another historic home in NE Portland (I guess I have a "type"...) which included a basement remodel, kitchen expansion, and patio improvements.

This one, home 7, was a one-story home and the remodel included adding the entire second story!

There are remodels of homes as new as the 2000s and a couple from the 1970s-1980s that look like gems in the rough from the "before" pictures, and like some homes I've seen in real estate listings and at estate sales. I love seeing homes of all kinds and I think we'll definitely learn a lot from touring some of these!

Again, the Tour of Remodeled Homes runs from March 12-13, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM and my giveaway of two sets of two tickets will end next Tuesday the 8th at 11:59pm PST. If you don't win, you can buy an advance ticket here, or buy at one of the starter homes during the show.

Enter here! Maybe I'll see you there!

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