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A very pretty DIY! Pearl bead square knot necklace tutorial

Out of the blue, I got inspired for a jewelry project! I saw a necklace like this in a magazine photo and thought, 1, that's very pretty! and 2, I could totally make that and it's a shame I almost never do jewelry projects. I love the classic pearl look, preppy knot style, and more modern multi-strand composition!

If you want a very pretty project to work on some quiet winter day, try this necklace! And make a couple while you're at it since they'd be great gifts!!!

(I made mine over the holiday break while watching several ancient Friends episodes. It was a nice afternoon. ;) )

Very rarely do I pull out my jewelry-making supplies and so I don't have good stores of most of them on-hand. It took me two shopping trips to get the supplies I needed for this necklace! I should have just ordered them online.

DIY Pearl bead knot necklace tutorial

You will need:


1. String 1/4 of the beads onto the jewelry wire. Using crimp beads to secure, loop and seal both ends onto the loop side of the clasp.

Repeat with another 1/4 of the beads.

2. String other half of beads onto two other pieces of wire, securing only one side onto the peg end of the clasp. Secure other ends of bead strands with tape.

3. Braid bead strands into square knot shape before securing taped ends with crimp beads on peg end of clasp.

Wear proudly!

The finished necklace is about 17.5" long.

I just love it!!

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