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When you really want to use that plaid flannel you bought last year... (new DIY tunic top!)

So many DIY projects are born from a need. In this case, it was the need to make something flannel, and the need to use up the fabric I bought last year...

Okay, they weren't really urgent needs. But I was frustrated. I bought this pretty, soft flannel check last winter and never made anything out of it. I loved the pattern, but cotton flannel DIYs aren't exactly easy to fit into a wardrobe. The fabric weight isn't right for dresses, and no way am I making myself a flannel button-up from scratch (and this fabric is too heavy, anyway). It's really best for potholders or something. You can barely even do decor projects with it! But it's so pretty, and comes in so many patterns and colors!

So, I decided to make it work for apparel. I looked around at non-button-up tops that could be made of cotton flannel. Mostly simple, tunic shapes, some loose peplums...

Here are my inspirations: (Yes, some of these are sweaters, and some aren't flannel, but they all could be!)
Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

My version was most similar to the Anthropologie red/white plaid pocket top in style, but the red/grey checkered pattern has a funky woodsy look like some of the others! More cabin-ey than a preppy plaid.

I used Simplicity 2584, which I have used A LOT in the past couple years. It's a super simple shift dress pattern if you strip down the optional yokes, sleeves, and waistband. See how versatile it is??! I cut it short (to the View C/D length) for this one and used the short sleeves but tapered them in a little. I widened the neckline for more of a boat neck.

*And yes, I did match the pattern on the side seams! Why, thank you!*

Of course it goes great with denim! It would also be perfect with a lightweight vest.
Jacket: Old Navy (similar). Tote bag: Target (similar/similar). Necklace: ?? Boots: Target. Top: DIY!

Also, it's finally getting to the right weather for my new leather riding boots. Just barely.

Bonus of the flannel? It's suuuper soft and cozy! Even after pre-washing the fabric, it's soft and smooth. I want to wear thick flannel all the time now!

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