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Apple picking and backyard boots

I reeeeally wanted to pick apples this year. Turns out I almost missed my window, and it was pretty hard to find a place that still had them available for u-pick!

But, I did. I think I went to Duyck's Peachy Pig Farm on an elementary school field trip, so I didn't remember it at all, but turns out it's an old, hilly, bountiful farm-ey wonderland with $1/lb apples and everbearing strawberries. Seriously, 60 years of farm equipment and children's play structures mixed between the rows of crops. It was pretty awesome.

I don't even like green apples normally, but these were amazing.

And the boots. Unfortunately it's a sort of sad story about the boots. Husband and I each got a pair of these matching totally utilitarian black rubber boots a month or so ago, when we had just had our offer accepted on the big split-level house with the big yard and pretty view. We were planning our chicken flock and garden beds already. We'd been holding off on making bigger purchases for the new place, but we saw the boots and figured they'd be great and were so excited... we figured we'd need them in our new yard for yard work!!

But, no yard yet. They've been sitting in the garage of our yard-less townhouse and we don't need them. They just stare at me reminding me that we don't have a house yet. (Read the saga here.) But, I decided, I can still wear them to the muddy Christmas tree farm, and to a pumpkin patch, and now - not because I needed to since it hasn't rained in a while, but because I can - to pick apples.

It was about 80 degrees. Oh, Oregon October 2015.

Super old scale. Pretty cool.

I love being out in the country. Looking forward to pumpkin patch-ing later this year and hoping to find more opportunities to be out on beautiful Oregon farms! I highly recommend you try one in your area--maybe you can still catch apple season!

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