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Super tea! Grassfed collage protein blended tea recipe

I've been making this nutritious tea recipe here and there for quite a while now, but I saw a pregnant friend over the weekend who reminded me how helpful it can be. I discovered the power of collagen protein powder last spring, and came up with this recipe for a homemade chocolate protein shake made with grassfed collagen protein (it's dairy free since it's made without whey protein or milk).

My pregnant friend was having a hard time getting enough protein in her diet some days, but mentioned that she liked tea in the evenings and that she can't have any artificial sweeteners and is avoiding processed foods more than usual in her pregnancy. It suggested this tea recipe as well as the protein shake, and I had to write down/publish this it to share with you as well!

Super tea! Grassfed collagen protein blended tea



    1. Make tea with almost-boiling water; let steep a little longer than you might usually for a strong tea.
    2. Pour tea in blender and add collagen peptides or collagen protein gelatin. The peptides dissolve in hot or cold liquid so if you only buy one and also want to make my protein shake recipe, I recommend that one. I like the gelatin for hot drinks since it makes them thicker! Stir/partially dissolve in tea.
    3. Blend tea and peptides or gelatin. It gets very frothy!
    4. Add honey and milk or cream of choice; blend again.

    Serve hot & immediately! It will be very smooth and frothy, like a chai latte or something. It's very calming and delicate, and has 8.5-9 grams of protein! (You could use two scoops of the collagen peptides for 18 grams of protein, although two scoops of the gelatin might have a bit of a flavor like unflavored Jello does.)

    Great bedtime ritual if you use herbal tea! I find the combination of protein and fat keeps me full and helps me sleep, and there's evidence that both raw honey and gelatin can improve sleep

    Or drink it whenever you want because it's yummy!

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