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Homemade cashew/sunflower seed butter recipe

I'll keep this post simple--like this recipe.

Nut butter is delicious. I almost never eat peanuts anymore, so I do buy and enjoy almond butter (the grind-your-own is my favorite), but processed nut butters of any kind are a little spendy, and I don't want to overdo my almond consumption, either, so I've gotten to experimenting.

(You can read my DIY almond butter recipe here, as well as my DIY sunflower butter cookies which partially inspired this post!)

Once at the farmers' market I saw a booth of local homemade nut butter blends. We tasted several of them, all very good, but I think they were all like $9 and I knew I could make something similar at home. That was years ago, and look, I finally tried it myself!

As I mentioned in my DIY sunflower butter cookies post, raw sunflower seeds are very affordable compared to most raw nuts. The Winco where I buy buy most of our bulk foods like nuts, unsweetened coconut, etc. usually has raw cashew pieces for about $3/lb. That's so cheap, especially compared to other nuts you can make nut butters with - almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts (!!), pecans... not that price is the only factor in my nut purchasing decisions, and I do consider nut products kind of a treat from our usual diets. But, sunflower seeds are high in protein and magnesium, as well. Although kind of funky tasting in high quantities on their own--so perfect to blend with the slightly sweet taste of raw cashews.

DIY Cashew/Sunflower Butter


  • 1 c. raw sunflower seeds
  • 1 c. raw cashews or cashew pieces
  • 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. sea salt


    1. Combine cashews and sunflower seeds in food processor (I used a 14-cup one--you could probably also use a smaller one).

    One reason this blend works well is that both nuts/seeds are about the same softness so they break down and get creamy at the same pace!

    What happens next is wonderful! Watch it transform as you blend.

    Stop the food processor and scrape down the sides every few minutes.

    You may think it's done when it looks about like this--the key is, go till you think it's done, then go some more!

    2. When it looks almost done, add the sea salt (mine is this pink Himalayan).

    Pulse, then scrape down the sides again and pulse more.

    It will look whipped and smooth, like this, when it's really done!

    SO good!!

    Store in the fridge. Another plus? It doesn't separate like natural peanut butter does.

    We've used it on sliced apples and pears from our CSA for a great treat. It would also be good on celery! I've also heard of people putting sunbutter on burgers... can't personally vouch for that one (yet).

    Try it!


    1. Sounds great! I have made peanut butter and cashew butter before, but never with sunflower seeds. Sounds delicious!

    2. I've made sunflower butter before but this sounds even better. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    3. Never had any other nut butter other than the ol' peanut mainstay. While the prospect of sunflower or cashews ground to a pulp is frightening, it sounds delicious.

    4. yum! wow! that looks so smooth and spreadable. it has my mouth watering!

    5. Great questions below! I am following along to hear any reply. This looks so creamy!

    6. I'm a huge fan of cashews and F is not so a blend sounds like a great compromise. this sounds so much more affordable than buying at the Farmers Market, I'll have to give it a try!

    7. I love how easy that is. Why do I insist on buying from the store when I could just make it on my own! So silly! Have you ever added any oil? Or do you think that isn't necessary?

    8. I recommend keeping it in the fridge since the nuts are raw, but I keep plain/unprocessed nuts in the fridge too to keep the fats from getting rancid. I don't know how long it'll last since I usually eat stuff like this up pretty quickly! But I don't know what would happen to it, so it may keep a long time!

    9. I have tried adding coconut oil before, which is delicious, but it isn't completely necessary if you blend it a super long time. The oil makes it thinner, which could be good if you're spreading it or putting in ice cream or something!

    10. Looks super delicious and it's so simple <3


    11. WOW You really got my attention!! This looks sooo good and easy to to - i like that part ;o)
      Thanks, hugs from www.ohhappydane.com



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