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DIY ASOS plaid blanket scarf tutorial

This next tutorial is so. easy. and so fun for this season!

Inspired by that big plaid oversized blanket scarf you see on everyone nowadays... you know, this one?

It's this ASOS scarf, which of course is out of stock and was kinda pricey for what it was, to begin with. So... let's DIY!

The ASOS one is a loosely woven 100% acrylic, which is slightly icky to wear but also not a kind of fabric you can easily find in stores. But you probably can find a lightweight plaid flannel, probably 100% cotton, and I'm here to tell you that you can wear it as a scarf!

The original scarf is 59" wide (square), which is a little wider than most cottons but close to the width of this brushed plaid apparel fabric I found at JoAnn. You need as much length as your fabric has width to make a similarly sized square blanket scarf!

DIY ASOS plaid blanket scarf tutorial

You will need:

  • Lightweight cotton or acrylic plaid fabric, as much length as width (i.e. this was 54" wide fabric so I needed 1.5 yards (54")) plus some wiggle room for straightening--I got 1.75 yards.
Simple supplies list. So far so good, right?

1. Even out the fabric. This should be very easy with a plaid. As you can see, mine was not cut straight.

2. Cut or tear the excess away. This will make your perfect square (i.e. mine was 54"x54").

3. Press under a 1/4" hem on two (opposite sides); pin. On the selvage edges, you may not need to turn under twice. My selvage was smooth and I just turned under once for a clean edge.

4. Sew hem.

5. Repeat pressing, pinning, and sewing hem on other two sides. (On the raw edge sides, press under twice to conceal raw edges.)

Done! Yeah, that's all!!

It's super comfy to wear, and you can wrap it about 1,000,000 ways. It doesn't have the very short fringe of the ASOS version but I kind of like it better with smoother edges, since the fringe is kinda short and wimpy anyway. (Although I realize, you could fringe the raw edges if you liked, by running a straight stitch 1-2" up and unraveling to the seam!)

How to Wear DIY simple scarf! (Also, OMG it gets dark early this time of year!)

Hope you try it and love it!

Also a great DIY gift!


  1. Lovely, and simple! Perfect for this time of year.

  2. I think I need to break out the sewing machine and try this one myself!

  3. Nice, very nice!!! Love how you styled it especially!!!


  4. Did you sew the longer sides? I have seen a lot of no sew tutorials & yours is the first one with something getting sewn. I'm sure it makes it look so professional :)

  5. I hemmed the cut edges and left the selvages as-is since they were already smooth/finished. The scarf is meant to be a square so there usually isn't a long or short side--although you would cut the length (perpendicular to the selvage) about 1" longer than the width on each side to allow for 1/2" hems.

    When you buy the fabric off the bolt you'll see what I mean! You'll want to hem the edge that they cut at the fabric store (which I recommend evening out with scissors or tearing, in the photos above).



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