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Christmas tree shopping and holiday party-having

We are fully committed to the holiday season over at my house after this weekend! This seemed to be the big party weekend, with several family, friends, and work things to go to--something fun every day. We had friends over for our second annual holiday potluck, and was so exciting to share our home with friends this cozy time of year.

Our tree and house are fully decked out after Christmas tree chopping the other weekend!

I did simple tree decorations this year, and I love how the house was pretty much almost entirely decorated for the party already once we got the tree up!

Here are a few shots from our party that I took before everyone arrived. I also used the greenery (and mini tree!) that Orchard Supply Hardware provided for the holiday party/table shoot I did recently.

It was so cozy and relaxing sitting around during downtime this weekend with a lit tree with presents and stockings nearby.

I have one more week of work before I get a holiday break! Grateful that we got to start the festivities this weekend and still have plenty of time to enjoy the tree and decorations!


  1. Beautiful tree, and nice job decorating. :)

  2. your home is gorgeous! love that tree :)

    ladies in navy

  3. we got our tree this weekend too! it is such a fun time of year!

  4. You both looked fantastic on your tree cutting trip!

  5. So cute! I love the black and white photos for a modern Christmas - adds nice nostalgic feel :)

  6. Beautiful pictures - next year will be the year we cut our own tree!!! Happy Holidays!

  7. You look like everyday woodsman ;)

  8. You too look so festive! We didn't make it out to get a real tree this year but hoping to next year!

  9. Cutest lumberjack couple ever!!! :o)


  10. I love that first picture of you! Merry Christmas!



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