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Ski lodge winter party inspiration!

Winter party planning!!
I'm on the winter party committee at my company again this year, and I'm so excited. It's a ton of fun to plan a big party for 200 people with a budget and committee of excited architects and engineers plus a few people like me. (Last year was Great Gatsby themed-- see my party inspirations heredress I made here.)

I definitely had a big hand in choosing the theme this year, and I always volunteer for the invitation/announcement subcommittee, food subcommittee, and decor subcommittee--of course!! (You know me.)

This year our theme is ski lodge. Or lodge. Or plaid. Something like that. We went back and forth but decided that a general "lodge" theme would allow people to dress up for a lot of eras and sub-themes like 80's ski or 60's fur James Bond/apres-ski or Paul Bunyan. (These themes were all discussed as well.)

The venue is this funky new downtown Portland place called Punch Bowl Social. Funny mix of hipster food and drinks with classic games/bowling/darts etc. and vintage video games. And the decor is what originally inspired the "lodge" theme--there are some glam retro couches and barstools and such but also lots of log tables and antlers and fireplaces. Oh, it's also on a top floor of the downtown Portland mall. (Confused yet? Here is a virtual tour.) BIG pro of this place? It's already so cool we don't need to decorate virtually at all, so we can free up some of the decor budget for other things like an awesome photo booth or activities!

Anyway, I've been brainstorming about ideas (I collected a bunch of these photos to sway the committee to vote on my preferred theme!!) and also thinking about what to wear! (Should I make myself a plaid taffeta dress or something?? What is lodge-ey but also a cute party look?!?)

I thought back to a New England blogger I know of who posts the most perfect preppy holiday scenes in goodness knows what amazing settings she puts together, complete with all her adorable coordinated friends. I pulled a bunch of photos from her blog to show the committee! And I wanted to show you, too; maybe you can help me decide what to make/wear!

From Classy Girls Wear Pearls:

How lodge-ey are these?! Plaid pants, anyone?

Or this? I bet my husband would totally wear a plaid jacket like that. ;) (P.S. not for the winter party, but next time I get a chance I definitely want to tie plaid bows around my dining chairs!!)

I can't tell if it's in a lodge for real, but I think this classic 50's style Haddon Sundblom painting captures it... called "Weekend in the Ski Country"!

I also found, in my Google image search for lodge parties, that a few people have had this idea before and documented it. (Duh/yay.) One of my faves was these company party photos of a "Sexy Ski Lodge" themed holiday party.

These employees all did an awesome job of dressing the part! And how cool it this party setting? Complete with a cool lodge-ey photo background!

Obviously, for a great ski lodge costume, you need a hat and something fur on or near you.

So now I'm conflicted! Should I make a plaid dress, or go all out with leggings and fair aisle print??

Hope you enjoyed these inspirations as much as I do!


  1. You definitely need some fur in whatever costume you make. :)

  2. What a fun party! My vote would be for the leggings and sweater, but plaid would be cute, too.

  3. This is hilarious! I love the idea. Super creative.

  4. A lodge theme is soooo cute, never would have thought of that! And how awesome that the venus is already so cool looking that you it frees up money for really fun things like a photo booth!

  5. Plaid dress! Just because I know you will make a fabulous one :) Love the lodge theme. Perfect, and I can totally see it in Punchbowl Social. I haven't been there in forever, but I bet it will be a fun space for your party! Have fun!

  6. What do you think of a fancy plaid dress worn with brown lace up boots? PS: I want to come to this party, it's the best theme ever! :o)


  7. A plaid dress with a circle skirt trimmed in fur-think old Disney winter cartoons. Oh, and a muff.

  8. That 1950s painting was so "White Christmas!"

  9. What a great idea! It certainly gets you in the winter holiday spirit. I'm going to have to try this next year.

  10. That's a good idea! I like the preppy plaid + rustic.

  11. Squeeeeeel! A plaid taffeta dress would be darling!

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