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Black knit print drop waist dress

This dress was inspired by several others I've seen. A girl at work wore a cute heather grey knit drop-waist dress a few weeks ago that I liked, and then I realized I've seen a lot of black/white/grey dresses in straight up-and-down or flapper shapes this year. Plus this leopard print one I've seen on several blogs.

These lovely party and daytime dresses all have a similar feel, right? Contrast, pattern, interesting skirt or sleeve shapes...
anthropologie, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Kate Spade

And I had this awesome heavy, soft black and white patterned knit I used for this maxi dress. Knits are so comfy, and this one is a sturdy enough weight for a simple dress or standalone skirt.

So I used a pattern I've been using a lot this year, Simplicity 2584 and my cool black patterned fabric for this edgy, swingy dress. The pattern is very plain if you don't give it the neck treatment it suggests, so I just use it as a base with bust darts and slight shaping at the waist. I cut long-ish short sleeves and a modified partial circle skirt.

And gave it an exposed zipper!

Pretty proud of that zipper.

I think it can go to work or for a weekend outing.
Jacket: Ross (similar). Necklace: Jules Smith c/o Favery. Booties: Dolce Vita (similar). Dress: DIY!

(First tights day of the year!!)


  1. That zipper does look great! The dress looks great.

  2. ADORABLE! I think you look great in this style of drop waist dress!

  3. I have a great grey and black printed knit I should do a drop waist dress out of! Your turned out great, and it looks fab styled with the badass jacket.

  4. Just wondering, where did you get a closed end exposed zipper from? I've been looking everywhere for one, but all I come across are open ended ones for jackets and I really want to keep a supply on hand for exposed zippers for the back of dresses, it's my favourite detail to add to my dresses. Please help!

  5. It was in the fashion section at JoAnn. Whatever the normal zipper brand is, just a trendier line!

  6. I am creating a similar skirt for my pattern drafting class, not a wrap over though. Very excited because it's going to be my bridesmaid dresses, with a cowl bodice. Love yours!

  7. Sooooooo classy!!!!


  8. Great dress! I really like the fabric.



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