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Belated anniversary! Plus some seriously proud moments for DIYing

This post makes me so happy! I love 1) beautiful photos, 2) enjoying things I've made, and 3) love. I love love. My dear husband. **List of things not in order and not all-inclusive.

A few weeks ago, we were so lucky to have the chance to do an anniversary shoot with our wedding photographer at our wedding venue, McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. I am so happy to have these amazing photos documenting this special time celebrating 3 years of marriage, each one better than the last! We had a totally DIY wedding, and I got super lucky finding Becky (Studio 623 Photography) to capture it and understand my vision. So it was perfect that I got to show off some other DIYs - dresses I've made - and revisit our special location once more. And this time, way less stress of course since not planning a wedding, but also, I had my makeup done by Brooke Morse. Such a treat to spend time sitting comfortably while someone with far more capable hands does my hair and makeup. I connected with Brooke through some mysterious Portland Bloggers connection (we're not quite sure how but we know some of the same people) and she was just great to work with!

So this was a very positive shoot experience, and I will treasure these photos forever. (Think it's time to update the frames around the house, and...maybe Christmas cards?!) I really can't speak highly enough of Becky, we love her so much! Even my husband who is quite reluctant to do photo shoots has fun working with her, and has been asking when we get to see the photos. She does a TON of weddings and babies, so if you're having either of those and live in Oregon, check her out. She's absolutely the sweetest. (Website/Facebook.)

So the photos. I don't know if there's a convention for 3-year anniversary photos, but it felt like it had been too long since we visited our venue, so it was a great location!

I got married in a pale grey/warm light pink/ivory dress, so I felt quite bridal in the pale pink lace shift dress I made earlier this year.

It was really magical to visit the same beautiful enclosed patio where we walked down the "aisle," but this time with no people besides us there.

We even sat on the porch of the house where we got ready, and took the carrying-through-the-hearth shot.

And, a serious favorite photo spot, we revisited the amazing sunset scene of this pocket of wild grasses on the edge of the campus. We got some awesome photos there back on our wedding day, while the guests were dancing... it's beautiful, but it's hard to walk through! Molehills and things.

And, check this out. One of our other favorite photo spots was at the edge of the small vineyard they have there. We walked up and down the rows on our wedding day and got some photos I love, and we did it again this time - but in much more comfortable clothes!

I seriously love these photos. Infusing some of our current, more everyday personality into the beautiful wedding photo locations with some playful poses! (Recognize my new fave bright blue halter dress?)

I seriously love them. Think I need to order some prints to frame STAT. I love the lifting-kissing vineyard ones!!

And what a cool way to show off DIYs, amiright? Two dresses I made and am proud of, looking their best in these great photos!

Thanks again to Becky and Brooke for making our anniversary shoot so great!


  1. You guys look wonderful together, happy anniversary!

  2. I love it!!! It was so great to work with you guys again :) Thank you for the shout out too :)

  3. Aw, you both look even MORE in love and happy, congratulations on your anniversary! What a great idea of revisiting the venue to remember that happy whirlwind of a day with just the two of you, and why shouldn't you take more photos, you can never have too many of a beautiful couple like you two!

  4. These are beautiful pictures and your dresses look amazing :)

  5. Such lovely photos! We got married at Edgefield as well and just love going back there with our kids now :). The pale pink dress you made is GORGEOUS!!

  6. These photos are gorgeous!!! I love them all, and that dress you made is so beautiful. Happy anniversary.

  7. Beautiful photos! Very high quality. But I'm sure it helps that you guys are so good looking. ;)

  8. These are incredible shots, and it's great to see the wedding pics right beside them! Thank you so much for sharing your happiness with so many people!!!

  9. I am just blown away!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!




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