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It's daring! It's... a romper!

Something new!

Earlier this summer I noticed the romper trend had taken a more neutral tone. I've never been 100% on board, but seeing the playful and easy-to-wear styles in basic, more grown-up colors like solid black or beige made me think, maybe I could make myself one of those!

I've never ever ever made a romper before, and I rarely make shorts or pants (or even fitted or tailored skirts) because dresses are just so much more fun and easier. Some fun fancy work work in the bodice, gathered or pleated skirt, zipper or elastic, done. Happy to report it was pretty much the same with this pattern! The shorts are so simple (just center seams, pockets) and the elastic casing at the waist is really easy, so this went together so fast - even faster than a dress, actually, since there's less fabric to hem and sew together! (It's Simplicity 1355.)

The front is kinda plain, but the back has a deep criss-cross V. Which makes this a great swimsuit cover-up! Or cute over a bright tank.

I think of it as a grown-up romper.

It is so rare for me to read pattern instructions, but I actually did with this one since it was a new bodice style. Simple shaped rectangular straps, front and back facings. Would be pretty as a drapey dress, too!

The grey knit is the perfect slinky weight. And stretchy, so the fit was easy!

I know rompers are typically summer garments, but it's still been a million degrees here lately so I'm definitely still open to one-garment outfits with plenty of breathing!

Plus, you probably could dress it up or down with a blazer or tights or something once it gets cooler. Although that makes me a little nervous now. I think easing into romper-wearing with a neutral knit is as far as I can go for now! ;)


  1. Very cute. I like the grey colour. And I bet that it would look lovely with a high waisted skirt too - love the shape of the back!

  2. Ooh, I love it! Especially the back. Great job.

  3. This is so genius! Thank you! It's just what I needed to fix my work sweaters.

  4. Thanks!
    It does have a PJ-ey feel!!



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