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A pillow after my own heart

Obviously I love home decor. I have pages and pages of posts about home decor projects I've done, plus a home tour I'm very proud of, full of DIY projects and things I love.

Big reason for this? Not only do I love creating things and surrounding myself with pretty things that allow me to express myself, but also - I love being at home!

I always have, although I spent plenty of time away from my tiny college and post-grad school apartments and rentals. But now, we have a home we love and a great space we've made our own, and I love being here! I'm not ashamed.

I'm so content with this personality trait of mine, in fact, that I decided to make a big banner advertising it to myself and whoever else sees my living room. I've been having so much fun with my Silhouette machine already and have done several heat transfer material projects (can't wait to show you a tutorial for an amazing one next week!!), so simple white text in heat transfer material was perfect for this pillow. (Also, SilhouetteAmerica.com is offering my readers 30% off heat transfer material until July 24! Use code DRESS at checkout!)

So, wanna see what I made my pillow say?

Yep, that's me! A happy homebody!

Urban Dictionary says that means, "A person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home." Sounds good to me.

Further proof that I love home decor and being at home? I played around with the pillow in different places, but it's always surrounded by other things I've made. Like this black vintage wingback chair slipcover....

Or some homemade stripey pillows and my big zigzag ikat-ey painting.

It is so great to have the freedom to make my own text transfers! Want to make your own? It can say anything you want! What defines you at home?!

DIY Lettering Pillow

You will need:

  • Pillow form
  • Yardage for pillow cover (I recommend a heavier/home dec weight cotton)
  • Zipper
  • Silhouette machine
  • Heat transfer material (Silhouette is offering my readers 30% off on it through July 24! Use code DRESS at SilhouetteAmerica.com)
  • Or, buy the pre-cut letters in the appliqué section of the craft store


(Very similar process to the one I used last week in my DIY text tote bag! Check it out for photos!)

1. Design text! I used a basic font in the Silhouette Design Studio and played around with size and spacing.
2. Flip design so it will print backwards and transfer correctly. Load the heat transfer material and hit "Cut"!
3. Peel the negative space out of the design.
4. Center the text on the pillow front fabric.
5. With a press cloth, Iron the letters down through the plastic backing for several minutes. Let the plastic cool a tiny bit and slowly peel off the backing.
6. Install zipper to front and back pieces.
7. Sew pillow front and back together.

That's it!

So fun!!

Check out the heat transfer material here and use your 30% discount on it at SilhouetteAmerica.com until July 24! Use code DRESS at checkout!


  1. After college, I became a huge homebody. I blame it on my husband. I'm also a social butterfly though...so we just throw parties often at our house. Make people come to us! :)

    Cute pillow!

  2. I love socializing at home! "Social butterfly" would be a cute phrase to put on a DIY something-or-other, too!

  3. I just looove all of your home's DIY goodness!!!


  4. Super cute! I love being at home as well, though it's taken years to come to terms with that and be OK with the fact that I'd rather snuggle on the sofa than go out bar-hopping. Not that I don't love a good night out once in a while, but I'd much rather entertain at home. I'm planning on redecorating and nesting in our flat after the wedding is out of the way in September, I've got all kinds of DIY projects planned!

  5. I love this dress, It's so summery!

  6. Do you make dress?I was in Mexico and I bay a dress.When I came home I make dress use a bed shit.This was first time.I note my body,and live in one side more material ,5 finger more, and to the another side 5 finger more.When I make the arm I live more material in the front and less in the back.In front to the chest I cut square and in back rectangle.



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