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Maxi dress season, greeted with black and white patterned knit

It's my first maxi dress of the year - that must mean it's getting closer to summer!

Just finished this black and white patterned knit maxi dress, from a fave pattern from last summer (see also here and here) - Simplicity 1801, Cynthia Rowley. This funky modern-ey black and white print seemed like a good transitional fabric for a springy/early summery versatile dress!

This is one of several recent knit projects. This one was definitely the trickiest because the pattern isn't printed carefully on the grain of the fabric, and the grain isn't straight, either (neither was the selvage, aack)! But hey, dresses with no zippers are fast and simple and easy to wear, too.

(See my Sewing Circle post on how to sew on knits--and since then I've learned how helpful a walking foot is, too; it takes the strain/pull off the fabric as you sew.)

I love the gathers at the shoulders and above the midriff panel in the back as well as the front. Adds to the comfiness and is pretty!

Because I was a little short on fabric, I cut the skirt panels narrower than I was supposed to but it's still plenty full  for comfort, movement, walking... good to know if you ever make it and have a tough time fitting the pattern in!

P.S. I can't get my little remote to work with my new camera. Can you tell? #excusetheblur ;)

Anyone else embracing black/white for spring?!


  1. I love the fabric, it is so unique, it has a three D effect, and the dress looks so cute, love a great maxi dress and yours is perfect!

  2. This is beautiful! I made this exact same pattern months ago, the shorter version, but it was a dud for me. The fit was all kinds of bad. I abandoned the pattern, but seeing your dress has inspired me to revisit it and try the maxi version!

  3. Its gorgeous, I love the fabric. I just made a maxi too - it must be nearly summer!

  4. I wouldn't think to do a maxi dress with that pattern, but your looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :)


  5. Thanks for sharing! I've had this pattern filed away for years, but you've inspired me to use up some of my knits for this. Very cute!

  6. Looks great. Love the orange which I am also wearing heading into winter in pz

  7. Comfortable but very chic and modern, and easily dressed up!

  8. Wow you look gorgeous in this dress that dress is sooooo pretty! I just love to wear the white maxi dress becouse white is my fav colour !! :)



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