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How to Wear DIY: The gold flapper-inspired dress and the greatest photo booth!

It was soooo fun making a 20's-inspired party dress for my company winter party last weekend. You may have been following along, I've mentioned it several times but now the party has finally happened!

I shared some glam decor and dress inspirations for a fancy 1920's/Great Gatbsy-themed party back in January; then the snow delayed us and the party was postponed (so I was able to procrastinate). Then I shared my modern, costume version of a flapper/20's party dress, and I dressed it up with accessories and more over the weekend!

We had a great photo booth setup at the party (yours truly was on the photo subcommitee of the winter party committee, thankyouverymuch ;) ), and we got some great shots there! (You may have seen my test shot on Instagram!)

Here we are in the "booth"! (I got husband's tux at the Mr. Formal Clearance Center in inner SE Portland, for a serious steal. They have a huge selection of nice quality formalwear rentals for sale, so perfect for this event!)

With our Probibition-era seriousness faces on...

And a little silly.

We had some great props! Oh, and it was SO cool how almost everyone, almost all of the 180 guests, got totally into the theme and dressed up.

I was so glad I had my self-made dress and cobbled-together accessories! Piled on the (real and fake) pearls, and borrowed long gloves and a vintage 50's fur from my mom's costume collection. Unfortunately didn't get a chance to take any pictures at the event other than the photo booth ones, so here I am at midnight after a long, fun night of company party-ing!

That's a How to Wear DIY, for sure! So fun to have something I made myself!


  1. The whole ensemble looks perfect. Love it :)

  2. Looks like it was a fun party!

  3. The first pic of you and your husband is FAB! You look like you stepped out of that decade. Gorgeous. That party looks/sounds like so much fun. I want to throw one, now!

  4. You and your husband are great. I LOVE your dress and accessories'

  5. I have the same table (I got it from craigslist) and I painted it gold as well! Love it :)

  6. It looked far better originally. The gold spray paint iis supremely tacky. I bet you also love swag lamps. Someone has zero taste.



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