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How to Wear DIY: The tiny strappy summery blue and white dress

Going to a totally different climate, especially in this snowy winter, can be a little iffy for packing. I had a hard time remembering how I feel in warm weather and if I'd prefer shorts or jeans or dresses or... ??! But, I did hope that the warmer weather would offer me some How to Wear DIY chances on our recent Florida trip, and happily, it did. For example...

I got inspired and excited to make the blue and white stripe bias-into-chevron dress I made shortly before the trip, but wasn't sure it was going to be warm enough for such strappiness. Well, it was in the 80's most days we were there, and I did get a chance to wear it! One of the days of our trip, we took my uncle's boat out from their canal-ey neighborhood on the northeastern side of St. Petersburg and down into the Tampa Bay toward downtown St. Pete. Then we cruised up to these tiny treed islands farther north, kind of toward Weedon Island State Preserve, to do some fishing! Husband and I just learned to fish this trip and are super stoked. There are tons of fish in that area, really easy to catch something (although some are too small or not good to eat). So cool catching our own food!

Also, excited to be on a boat if you know what I mean.
So that was the late afternoon. Then we came back and I traded in the slightly salt water-ey tee and shorts for the summery blue and white bias chevron stripe dress before dinner!

Even nice enough to wear it without the jacket for a while! Get an opportunity for some Vitamin D!
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack. Shoes: Converse. Belt: Target via Goodwill. Dress: DIY, here!

So glad my wishful thinking worked out and I got a chance to wear the ultimate warm weather item in my suitcase!


  1. Such a great look! The dress is beautiful and the pictures are as well!

  2. love the pink belt and denim jacket with it! yay for a great trip and fun clothes!



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