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How to Wear DIY: The confusing fur scarf, and goal-setting

I pulled out the new DIY faux fur scarf last weekend and tried it belted! Like some of my inspirations for it. I got dressed upstairs but the scarf was downstairs, so husband thought my outfit was complete until I got to the coat closet and put on the scarf, and wrapped my belt around it--he was very confused. Apparently men are not open to the idea of belted furry scarves. Poor guy, has to deal with my clothing experimenting.

I wore this fun, multi-textured outfit to the Portland Bloggers January event--goal-setting and brainstorming to kick off the year right with some blogging inspiration! I'm the group's Educational Events Chair, so had a hand in planning this one!

As you can see (bottom right), I got pretty into it.
All photos by Macey

Jenni did a great job, as usual, putting together the graphics and printables (free printable blog planner!), and she and I led part of the session while Kayla and Bee led another group. We did a January blog goal setting event last January as well, so it was neat to check back with many attendees who were at both!, and we had a ton of new people, as well.

Oh, January in Oregon. The time for fair aisle sweaters is pretty much over but we still want to be cozy! Hence the multiple layers and faux fur scarf.

Jacket: J.Crew via Goodwill. Shirt: c/o Lucky Brand. Faux leather skirt: Target. Necklace: F21. Watch: Ross. 
Belt: Target via Goodwill. Shoes: Land's End Canvas. Scarf: DIY, tutorial here!


  1. So bummed I missed this event. It looks like it was so much fun! You look adorable (as always)! I hope there is another event soon.

  2. wow! that's really cute~~


  3. Oh! Yes, there is another one March 8. Details coming soon. http://pdxbloggers.com/events/

    Thanks!! =)

  4. you look absolutely stunning with that scarf! Loving this blog. :)


  5. It's so cute when men are confused by women's fashion. I still remember when F was shocked when I explained that most womens' pants do not have real pockets- they are more for show then actually putting much, if anything in! I enjoy the visual interest in multiple layers and textures in outfits, that's one of the pluses of dressing for winter weather. Also, you better believe if it gets really cold again like early Dec I have no qualms about pulling out a fair isle sweater!



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