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Weekend Inspiration: Full-on fall, and pumpkin time! Plus favorite painted pumpkins

I can't deny it any more. Summer is over and it's truly fall now, and time to get into the spirit! So for this Weekend Inspiration...

Let's talk pumpkins. Alternatives to pumpkin carving, since there are so many fun ideas out there, plus the pros and cons of getting creative with your pumpkins. Since despite all these great ideas (my 9 faves below), I'm still on the fence about the idea. (Terrible pun not intended. Pumpkins on fence. Ha.)

My 9 favorite painted pumpkin ideas!

Now, I've thought a lot about the non-carved pumpkin for Halloween, and obvs there are a lot of cute ideas out there, but I'm honestly not sure I'd ever do it!! I've been thinking about the pros and cons...

Painted Pumpkins Pros:

  • They're cute! They can go with your trendy home decor more than a traditional jack-o-lantern
  • They're new and different, which I'm always into!
  • They're probably different than your neighbors' pumpkins
  • If you do chalkboard ones, or if you keep your paint cans out, you can change the message/pattern on them all you want
  • You could repaint them and reuse them for Thanksgiving decor, if they don't go bad!
  • Decorating them is slightly less messy than carving, but not necessarily less fun!

There are some cons, too.

Painted Pumpkin Cons:

  • You can't make roasted pumpkin seeds when you're done
  • You probably have to wash the pumpkin really well, right??
  • Your husband might be really confused and bummed he doesn't get to carve pumpkins this year (this is a real risk for my tradition-loving hubby)!
  • They don't light up! Unless you could get really creative with some Christmas lights or something? But that sounds messy.

Clearly, I'm undecided. I am getting in the holiday mood, though, and ready to get some pumpkins to decorate at least our porch. So how about you weight in. What are your fave pumpkin decorating ideas? Will you always be a carving traditionalist? Have you put as much thought into this as me? ;)

But one thing's for sure for this weekend...BRING ON THE PUMPKIN PATCHES!


  1. I don't like carving pumpkins because of the messiness, I think the guts are sort of gross, I don't like the smell, and my husband doesn't even like pumpkin (except pumpkin beer). But I do love the *idea* of pumpkins in decorations, so the painting sounds appealing to me.Which pumpkin patch are you thinking about going to?

  2. These are such great ideas! I wish the "pumpkin painting" trend had started long ago - it would have saved me so much frustration!! I did a variation on #9 last year as our Thanksgiving centerpiece and it was really a hit!

  3. I actually really don't like carving pumpkins... two years ago we painted some and it was a lot of fun - I LOVE these ideas!

  4. Love! I think it would be so much more fun than carving a pumpkin, and less messy.

  5. Easy solution - do both! You can never have too many pumpkins!

  6. Probably just one in the Hillsboro area like A Maze In Grace Gardens, but did you see Yvonne's post about Baumann Farms? http://www.dressthisnest.com/2013/10/11/friday-things-pumpkin-patch-fun/ I think there are quite a few cool ones if you drive a little farther out or brave the crowds at Sauvie Island!

  7. Just bought another 3 from the farm shop today (PYO finished last weekend) and you've now made my decision so hard with what to do with them. I have a blue one too, which are meant to be better to eat but will look so different next to the orange ones. To paint or to carve?!

  8. Cute ideas.. it's all we've been doing (and posting) this year! No mess, no rotting! Love these ideas and dfinitely plan to try one... or two... :)
    xo ~kim & chloe

  9. I like Sauvie Island but not sitting in traffic waiting to get in and out, so am looking for alternatives, and have been browsing by reading blogs posting their trip recaps!

  10. so so darling!! love your blog and we share a love for pumpkins :)



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