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MORE gorgeous new home photos! Painted bathrooms

Remember back in August when I shared those lovely photos of our home by my new photographer friend Nakalan McKay? Well, I have some more to share with you today--something super exciting is in the works so we had to do a few more!

Here are some pics of the upstairs guest bath where I painted the stripes. I blogged about the striping project when I did it, but the photos were nowhere near as cool.

Can you spot the other DIY projects in this room? The mirror, colorblock tray, and vanity stool...

We also got some nice pics of the office! With its latest updates...

Another bathroom project we got pictures of this time is the faux wallpaper stenciling I did.

So those are some the latest photos of our new home! (See more on my Home Tour page!)

It is so nice to have nicer photos than the ones I try to take :/ and I'm so excited to share with you why we needed these last few taken!


  1. WOW the bathroom looks gorgeous!! Kudos!

  2. I love the faux peony on the tray being echoed by the peony art on the wall! I love peonies and try to enjoy them in the brief season they are available, but haven't been lucky enough to find nice faux ones, but yours are gorgeous!

  3. Love that color block tray! Glad you posted a link because I missed it the first time around ;)

  4. can you tell me anything about the chandelier? I think I have its sister in my dining room! Mine may have been original to the house built in 1929.

  5. The little one in the office? It's from IKEA I believe but I got it on Craiglist!

  6. My sister in law did stripes in her bedroom a while back and looking at her job and your bathroom make me realllly love it. But I know that I could not get that done that nicely!



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