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New super easy lacy skirt for early fall

I have a hard time with dark fall and winter colors. Maybe it's just my coloring, but I've tried to avoid them ever since sometime in college when I realized I'm just not sleek enough to make black look elegant. Nowadays I like to wear some edgy blacks with ivory or beige, like tribal prints or black faux leather with a girly dress. But still, when I can get away with lighter colors for fall, I like to!

So when I saw this gold rose print lace fabric on my fabric shelf (c/o WholePort, one I used for this little lacy top), and I had enough to make a skirt, I figured I'd try it out for fall! (Last fall I made three skirts a lot like this one--browns and animal print!)

This is a super easy elastic waist gathered skirt, lined with a natural (undyed) cotton, hemmed. I gathered each skirt separately because their circumferences were different, pinned them together, and sewed to a wide elastic band. (I sewed it together a little smaller than my waist measurement, right sides together and then topstitched to secure it.)

I've never seen the perfect off-white/gold elastic, so I just went with white--this is the perfect kind of skirt to wear with a wide belt, anyway, so I figure I'll cover it up when I wear it!

Oh, and it's lace/net so it doesn't unravel, and it was cut in a sort of border print with the flowers from the lace. It's not a perfect border print but I like the sort of zigzag hem.

Okay, now I need the perfect fall outfit to wear with it! I'm thinking motorcycle jacket, pendant necklace, a gold accessory... a la:


  1. i love that skirt!!! and i personally think that you look great in dark colors!!!

  2. Great, now you're making me want to go find some lace to make my own. :)

  3. I love wearing lighter colors in the fall. Great job with your skirt.

  4. totally need to rock it with some leather!

  5. Great skirt!

    I can't wear black or any dark colors, either. Or most shades of gray and camel that they sell it seems. I can't really wear many colors at all. I'm about the same color as you are...

  6. Great skirt, I love how soft and feminine it is and then you can dress it up or down!

  7. that lace is beautiful!!! good find :)



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