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Lace dress remake: shimmery silver two-fer

New dress! Well, mostly new--a makeover. So a while ago I made this dress out of this pretty ivory lace and ivory lining, but I cut the circle skirt a little short and I wanted something a little different.

I had quite a few yards of this shimmery silvery sort of stiff sheer fabric, got it for free at a fabric swap a while ago, and I didn't really know what to do with it. It's seriously a weird weight and drape, not good for a bodice, but not as slinky and drapey as the sheer skirt I was imagining... as you can see, I did two layers of it for a simple pleated skirt with the basic Simplicity 1873 bodice.

I actually reeeeeeally tried to do a gathered skirt with it, ran two rows of gathering stitches and everything, but the fabric has so much body and was so wide (more than 60" wide, and I used two panels), it just wouldn't work!! So I gave up and knife-pleated it. It's amazing how much fabric you can fit into a by pleating.

It has some pretty fullness in the back, too.

A happy makeover! I think it'll be great for a winter party--I know the little black dress is a classic, but I like to wear brighter, fresher colors sometimes, so I don't get tired of the practical darks for the colder weather!


  1. oh. my. goodness!!! i LOVE it!! love the lacey fitted top and the fullness of the skirt! the colors look great on you, too! You did an awesome job, Suzannah! :)

  2. I love a good two-fer dress, and this one is a great upcycling of your previous dress!

  3. I love this dress.....the fitted lace bodice looks wonderful and love the fullness of the skirt!!

  4. I really like it! I think it would be super cute with a brightly colored belt!

  5. I really like this. The bodice fits amazingly.

  6. I love it! I think you've got the whole "winter whites" thing down perfectly with this!

  7. I think this is beautiful...that shimmery silver with the lace is stunning..and looks smashing on you.....thank you for sharing...

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  9. Your dress turned out cute! Way to use what you have. It would be really cute (when it's colder) with a black short jacket to keep you toasty. I love to layer to keep warm.

  10. Nice, you can never have too many dresses. Loving the two tone!!

  11. Love this! Is that just a pleated rectangle, or is it cut in an a-line?



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