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Multi-surface pretty paints, blogger-made stencils, and a crafty giveaway!

So, stenciling is awesome. (My recent stencil project include faux wallpaper in our half bathroom and allover freezer paper stenciling on jeans. So many options with stenciling!)

I just had a chance to review FolkArt's new multi-surface craft paint line, plus these super cute stencils designed by Charlotte from Handmade Charlotte. I got to try the paint out as part of the new product launch of the FolkArt Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint, a new line they just came out with that works on many surfaces. It's dishwasher safe and machine washable, too. Also launching are the new Handmade Charlotte stencils! Both the paint and stencils are available now at Michael's.

So, here goes--my use of the new FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint and stencils!

Here they are, along with the Chalk Anything paint by FolkArt, and the sponge tools they sent me. And, the Ikea cork trivets and vintage white linens I stenciled on! 

Here's how to use it on cork and fabric!

1. Tape stencil in place on two or more sides.
2. Put paint in dish and put a little paint on foam stippler brush. Stipple on paper towel or scratch paper to get excess paint off.
3. Straight from above, stipple paint on and around stencil opening.
4. Carefully remove stencil and admire.

It dries fast, too! The tools and paint worked equally well on the cork and fabric, but as you'll see, I did have some issue on the cork... here's how they worked on both!

Cork Trivets

First I stenciled the trivets. I used the basic letters in the stencil kit, and two different paint colors. "Eat real food" is a little motto I like to stick to, so perfect for these kitchen/dining room accessories! They certainly would work well on their own - "eat" is a great thing to say in dining room art! - but I can also see using all three.

The paint worked great, and the stencil and sponge, too. I didn't need any spray adhesive to keep the stencil in place--just taped it on--and the paint didn't get under the stencil! With careful sponge tool stippling to apply.

Although, there were some places where the dips and valleys in the cork caught some extra paint. Oops! Not the stencil's fault, but maybe cork would be better suited to spray painting or stamping! (??) So don't look too close! ;)

Fabric Napkins

Next I stenciled these pretty vintage napkins. I know, it's a little sad to alter antiques, but they had a few spots on them anyway and it's not like I have a whole set. Just these two. I like the look of stenciling or a print over a woven-in pattern, so I thought it would be fun to do something funky and modern on top of the woven damask-ey floral.

The napkins are pretty bouncy but again, I just taped the stencil down and it stayed in place nicely. It was nice not to have to worry about adding fabric medium to the paint; it was the right consistency already, and even now that it's dry it has a good feel. Not too stiff.

Fresh blue and white!

Super fun, right?! These come in great colors, and I love the versatility!

Follow along with FolkArt, owned by Plaid Crafts, here:

And, FolkArt is doing a giveaway--a FolkArt Multisurface prize pack and $100 Michael's gift card! Wow, I can't even imagine how much fun a $100 Michael's gift card would be... ;) Good luck!
There's also a contest on Handmade Charlotte for people who use the stencils! Amaaaaazing prizes including a Cricut machine and oodles of other crafty goodies!


  1. love the eat. real. food. coasters!

  2. Awesome giveaway!

    I really love the arrows...they're so cute!


  3. Those napkins are adorable! Would make a lovely housewarming gift as well...oooh, or Christmas present since it's just around the corner!

  4. Super cute!!!! I want to play!



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