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How to Wear DIY: Dresses and the tie dye tee in pretty portraits

I have some more super pretty photos to share with you today! I posted last week some of the lovely photos of our home taken by Nakalan McKay--she wanted to capture me in my home full of DIY decor, showing it off and showing me in it! So she also captured some photos of me, in/around our home--which I'm sharing with you today!

What do you notice in home/lifestyle photos?

It's sometimes hard to balance the style/fashion/clothes captured in lifestyle photos versus the moment--just capturing yourself and your space as they are now. I want to show my personal style, but I also want timeless images so I can remember what our home looked like--you know, like how you're not supposed to wear super trendy clothes in senior pictures so they don't look really dated really fast?

So much of the home dec/lifestyle photography I love on The Glitter Guide and The Everygirl shows primarily the space, with a few photos of charming-looking people who live there. I don't remember exactly what they're wearing, but I know they look nice. So I'm always aiming to have that effect--I don't necessarily want you to remember exactly what I'm wearing, but I hope I have a classy, pulled-together look!

Nonetheless, I wanted to wear some things I'd made in the photos, just another How to Wear DIY moment. I do wear homemade clothes around the house sometimes, and I do tend to like the same colors for home dec as for clothing... so some of them coordinate!

DIY clothes in house photos!

First I wore the pink tie dye tee I made not long ago. Sort of a summer uniform for me--a basic tee and my latest cut-off shorts, also a DIY!

I also wore the navy maxi dress I love so much around the house and in this pretty bedroom shot...

And in these outdoor ones by the fence at the end of our street.

Then I wore the little white dress. Aaah, the little white dress... part eyelet lace fabric, part pique textured stretch cotton... I love it so. I wore this one in some more pics outside by our fence and blackberry bushes, which we've been visiting on evening walks this summer. I love the fresh, summery look of the dress and evening light!

New favorite photo of myself, I think!

And a close-up on the dress that also shows the differences in fabric I used. Very cool to have this shot!

So you can tell me--if you saw these photos, and the ones of our home I shared last week/on our home tour page, do you notice the clothes first? Or the space??


  1. Aaahhh! These are gorgeous! And like you said, totally classy and pulled together. I'm so impressed by your sewing skills and the photos capture your clothes and home in perfect balance. I love that you have these to look back on...I should do something like this, too.

  2. Last time I was ohhing and awhing over your home and now I'm doing the same over your clothes!! These photos are perfect and I think it's great that you wore the clothes you made in the home tour photos

  3. Lovely! Beautiful photos of you!

  4. Lovely pictures! The second last pic is my favorite too!!

  5. love those last two photos. they are so pretty :)

  6. Love these pictures! Gorgeous work, and she so elegantly caught you so well!

  7. Aaw, that's so sweet, thank you!

  8. Ooh, thank you!!!! Yes, it is awesome to have pro photos of our space. You have a lot of great DIYs and scenes to document in your home, too, as I remember!

  9. I notice your red hair first because I wish I had red hair :D You and your house looks really nice

  10. SUPER amazing photos! If you get a chance can you send me the contact of the photographer?! I need some photo's like that

  11. Love all of these pictures! Girl, you got some mad style. Kind of obsessing over the cute blue necklace you wore with your white dress!

  12. Ahhhhhh I WANT that white dress! It's goooooorgeous!



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