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What to wear to a picnic... a DIYer version

Summer, picnicking, and DIYs!

I can’t believe it’s full-on summer already. I live for this time of year so it feels too good to be true!, but also it’s crazy busy and there’s SO much going on it can become stressful. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen only the second week into July… ;)

One fun thing happening this summer is the Portland Family Bloggers Picnic (July 28, if you’re a local blogger!), a free event at one of Portland’s awesome parks and a chance for us bloggers to hang out, potluck picnic on the grass, and meet everyone’s spouses and kids. We’ve done this kind of event before and it’s so fun and relaxed.

DIYs to rock at a picnic

But okay, the main purpose of this post is for you DIY fashion fans out there… per request (of another Portland blogger, actually!), let’s talk about some great summer DIY projects perfect for a picnic!!

For me, that means… 
  • Easy. Not too much sewing or planning involved. I’m busy, man!
  • Also, summery. I LOVE the time of year when you can wear shorts and a t-shirt outside and be warm enough!
  • Also, day time-ey and a little classic. Thinking blue and white gingham… (like my so-called “picnic dress” of last year!)
The DIY attitude is, you've got to display something you made yourself rather than recycling and curating entirely storebought content. Originality, baby!! That's what's fun about this whole DIY movement and learning to sew and be crafty, right? ;)

So here are some of my fave ideas for DIYs to wear to a picnic this summer!
Have you tried any of these? Picnicking classics...

Fedora! DIY a cool band?
The tie waist shirt (perfect button shirt makeover! I included one kind of like these in my book!)...
The perfect DIY cutoffs (I made these a few months ago, and these last summer, but these below are my faves...)
My cuffed cutoff jean shorts tutorial

And some casual accessories, like a DIY rope bracelet or other camp-ey, carefree jewelry piece? (I wish I made more jewelry... I hardly ever do, though! Need to have a crafty party time and make a bunch at once!)

Woohoo!! Ready for the Portland Bloggers picnic, if you're a local blogger? Or, ready for any summer picnics you're planning yourself?!

P.S. I also have to shout out to sponsors of the last Portland Bloggers event. (I’m an organizer of the group and we are so grateful for our sponsors’ support! Thanks, everyone! Check them out if you haven’t yet!)


  1. I'm looking forward to the Portland Bloggers picnic, though I'm a bit nervous about going solo. I used to make jewelry when I was younger, and wish I had kept it up! A jewelry making craft party sounds like fun.

  2. i love a good DIY bracelet! must try these ones out and then head over to the meet-up page for details.

  3. I just started thinking about stuff for the picnic this morning too! I think I may DIY picnic blanket this time around! I have so much fun vintage picnic stuff and a cute vintage repo dress I really only need a blanket! Love those bracelets! So easy going.

  4. That would be so cool! A DIY blanket-into-tote bag would be handy, too!

  5. Plenty of people will go solo, I'm sure! Wish I had more time for jewelry making, too..!

  6. Bummer! Our vacation was just moved and we're going to miss the picnic! Have fun everyone! And blue and white gingham, yes please. Anything blue and white.

  7. I have to admit, although I love the feel of the picnic picture (and thanks for the reminder of the upcoming Portland Bloggers Picnic!), I also wondered... did someone carry half a treasure chest made from a barrel and 2 crates to this picnic? :X

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