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New hot pink bed pillows, and a styling dilemma

Okay, guys... so, I just made these pillows. Actually a couple weeks ago, I think, but I *forgot* to blog about them--oops. So glad I remembered to share them with you now! Also, I need your styling help!

I've had two very large Euro pillow inserts (like these, 26"x26") for ages, but had never made matching pillow covers for them. Then, not long ago, I bought a couple yards of amazing hot pink denim at JoAnn on clearance for super cheap, and while I loved it for the chair I'm reupholstering, I couldn't do that to my dear husband. Permanent pink furniture might be too much for him (and maybe me! What if I got tired of it after all that work?)

So I finally decided to freshen up the bedroom decor with some hot pink, and made these!

Love how they look with the ever-versatile tufted headboard I made!

But, I'm not used to having extra large throw pillows on the bed, and now I don't know what to do with all the other ones. We normally have four regular pillows with regular pillowcases and/or shams, and then a couple throw pillows. But adding these is just a few too many to set aside every night at bedtime (the chair is getting precariously stacked with pillows as it is.)

So, help me pick an arrangement of throw pillows incorporating the new ones!

Option 1: ALL the pillows. The four sleeping ones, plus the two toss pillows I've had on there lately, plus the new ones.

Option 2: I never know what order to put big pillows in. Maybe the large pink ones go behind?

Option 3: Bare bones, let the hot pink ones stand on their own. Plus the sleeping pillows.

Just got these two matching pillows at Goodwill, brand new--super fun tie dye look on the front and shimmery silver/beige on the back--shared on Instagram the other day. So Option 4 is the four sleeping pillows (turned sideways--aaah, another option!), the big hot pink pillows in front, and the new matching pillows.

I'm sure you can imagine endless additional options and pillow scenarios. As you can see, this is an extremely diffusion question. (#firstworldproblems, I know.)

But, it's always fun to move pillows around with friends and see what looks best, so I figured I'd ask you! Lend a hand, would you? What's your vote?


  1. This might be the opposite of what you asked for, but throw pillows always make me think of this No pillows -> easy choice! I do like the hot pink with the zigzag pattern and the grey though, maybe swap two of the pillowcases for something a bit more colourful for contrast?

  2. I kinda like the idea of the 4 sleeping pillow at the back then the 2 hot pink ones with the round pillow in front - they look great by the way - I love the colour pop!

  3. I like option # 3 the best, but think you could also throw the round button pillow on their for really 'dressy' days...I like the way it matches with the headboard

  4. my vote is for either 1 or 4! so many choices!!!!! ;)

  5. so many choices! i just made a headboard that color and now have no idea what to do with the rest of my bed. (until i can buy the bedding i want.)

  6. I like #1. I think mixing them up with the different textures, sizes, shapes and colors is a lot of fun. Especially with the gray!

  7. I like #2- I really like the pink and the turquoise together- really breaks up the gray.

  8. I like #4 if you add the turquoise pillow. Make sure you show us what you decide!

  9. I like option 3 best. I was also wondering what if you did option 1 but without the teal striped pillow; the one that I'm sure has a name but I can't think of it (bolster?)(neckroll?). It's a cylinder on its side. :-) I just thought that might look good too. I like the new pillows and the color, too, by the way.

  10. Option 1 or 4 get my vote. I put a large (like, 18" X 20" X 18") basket at the foot of the bed to catch the throw pillows when we go to bed. If baskets don't fit your decor, you could try a similarly sized container, for example a large zinc planter box or oval copper wash kettle,

    I know what you mean about never being sure what order to use. I find myself using a different order several times a week.

  11. I second #4 with an added little pillow (i like the roll pillow) up front. cute!

  12. My vote is for #1, please let us know what you decide to do!!

  13. I'm a fan of minimalism, so I vote for option 3! Love the hot pink and giant pillows! Those would be great for extra seating at a dinner party or something too :)

  14. I think option 3 is my favorite, but I also like option 1, minus the teal-toned bolster, or option 4, possibly plus the round silver throw from options 1 and 2.

  15. 1 and 3! Especially being Summer, the delicious colour combination of hot pink and teal together is gorgeous!

  16. Haha, I remember that scene!!!! Luckily my husband is far more tolerant of my throw pillow preferences. ;) I did go for more minimalism in our guest room, though, no throw pillows there...

  17. Option 2 with the pink/white pillows from option 4 and then the silver pillow in the middle and ditch the round aqua one.



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