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Made a GOLD LACE top, OMG...

Gold metallic lace fabric--sounds tempting, right?

I always make dresses. It hardly feels worth the time and fabric to make cute tops (woven, cute patterns, simple ruffles or gathering, button plackets...) because (unfortunately/fortunately) they can be found at any trendy store for $14.99 or whatever. I don't buy many of them, because I don't like to collect tons of cheap clothing, and it would add up if I bought every one I liked!, and since I don't spend the time to make them, either, I don't have many colorful or fun print or textured tops.

But, I got this gorgeous lace from WholePort and while it is amazing, I thought a dress made out of it might be a little too dressy--more fancy than I typically get! So I thought about making a looser top out of it, like the shells and woven swingy tops I see at Marshall's and wherever.

Simple tops are faster to make than dresses, I'll give them that. ;) I tried a new pattern, Simplicity 1693, and gave it French seams on the side seams to hide the raw edges of the lace that might show through (see my Sewing Circle post on sewing on lace for more on the various methods!).

Here's mine! View B.

It is a little see-through, of course. I'll have to play with what to wear under it! Maybe just an ivory tank top?

With a higher-neck tank or tee, I might even wear it to work like tucked into a natural waist skirt, maybe with a jacket over! Fun to wear lace for daytime as has been trendy these days. ;) What's not to love about gold lace?!!?


  1. This is a really cute top! Love your fabric choice!

  2. great choice in choosing to make a top out of the lace it looks lovely! I can imagine this top being really versatile too as It looks great worn casual but paired with a circle skirt and heels it would look fab to go out in!!

  3. A black tank top would make a great contrast with the gold lace :)

  4. Pretty! It would look lovely tucked into a skirt as well. I just made up this pattern, and am looking forward to making simple tops out of beautiful fabric!

  5. Lovely! I'm a big fan of lace.

  6. love the gold color! great alternative to just white.

  7. It's really cute and way more casual as a top than it would've been as a dress.

  8. Love it! I think it works great as a top!

  9. This is perfect blend of sassy and fun. Loving the lace!

  10. Great choice of pattern for the fabric. I think view A would also be cute made with lace for the fall.

  11. Super cute!!! And thanks for the website, I'm going to try not to go extremely order crazy! LOL

  12. It looks great! I'm actually thinking about doing this pattern next myself. I'm wanting to try the sleeveless version.



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