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Weekend Inspiration: Summer colors! And, some not-so-inspiring stuff about blog reading

This week's Weekend Inspiration post is summer-themed, since it's officially summer now and getting HOT--and 4th of July weekend is coming up. In Oregon, summer doesn't truly start (consistent summer weather, that is) until after the 4th of July weekend. Sometimes it rains on the 4th of July, but never after! Not until fall. It's crept up on me this year but soon it will be hot weather all the time!

But, I must confess, this post is in disguise... I do want to share some summery inspirations I've had of late, but also, tried to make this post exciting... to cover up some boring stuff and bad news.

Pretty pictures first, then the trick... ;)

This weekend's inspiration for me: Neon. Black/white. Turquoise. I'm itching to get crafty (or shopping?) to get a few of these into my life!! How about you, what's on your mind this weekend??


Black and white


Source: honestlywtf.com via Suzannah, on Pinterest


So those were the pretty pictures. Now to business. As a blogger I'm a little annoyed about the loss of Google Reader (It DIES July 1!) That means, if you follow this or any of your fave blogs with Google Reader, you'll no longer get updates when there are new posts. Lame.

So, to minimize the negative impacts, you'll probably want to switch to another subscription service and use that instead. I follow my fave blogs on Bloglovin. Super easy, you can sign up with you Facebook if you don't already have an account, and you can easily follow blogs and organize them however you like. Pick your notification settings, all that.

I'm no pro at all the tech stuff, but there are some simple tutorial posts out there about how you can even IMPORT your Google Reader blogs to Bloglovin'!

There are other services you can use, too, like Feedly is a newer one--apparently a lot like Google Reader.

Anyway, there's some ideas for you. Take 3-5 minutes and switch your Google Reader feeds to Bloglovin' so you don't miss anything from your favorite blogs! We bloggers will miss you otherwise! And, are you inspired for brights, maxi dresses, and a vintage-ey summer feel? ;)


  1. You totally scared me with the whole bad news about blogging line. I was like, "Oh no, is she quitting???" I had to scroll to the bottom before reading the rest of the post. I'm a bad news first kind of girl. :)

    Anyways, I absolutely love all of your inspiration, especially the black & white picture. The one I'm not sure about for me is neon. I think it would go well with my skin tone, but I'm having flashbacks to clothes from my childhood when everything was so ugly, mostly because it was ill-fitting, not necessarily the neon colors.

    I've been into gold and yellow a lot this spring/summer. My favorite nail polish is glittery gold for the summer (it goes with everything!) and I just sewed up this yellow peplum skirt last week (http://vintagezest.blogspot.com/2013/06/hello-sunshine-peplum-pencil-skirt.html). Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. I'm so bummed about Google Reader - I don't like Bloglovin nearly as much but oh well, it will have to do I guess. I'm glad I still get to read my favorite blogs, like yours!
    I love love love bright colors for summer dressing. I wish I had more time to sew up all the pretty things in my head. I'm trying to see how much I can get done this weekend - I'm thinking a Lonsdale or a Peony or a caftan and some shorts. By the way, my favorite pic is the one with the turqoise in the bedroom. What a lovely room!

  3. can never go wrong with black and white as your color combo!

  4. I recommend using Feedly as the new reader, you can import all the stuff from Google reader in one click.

  5. I like the boldness of bright color, but don't know how to pull it off except for one piece to highlight. On the other hand, I Love the turquoise inspiration, there is something calming and refreshing about that color so that even when it's hot, it gives the perception of being cool.

    I am also super sad with Google Reader- I am going to test run Feedly and Bloglovin now that I have to I suppose... :(

  6. Sorry I scared you!! I know what you mean about neon--I like to look at it but have yet to do bold neon in an outfit. Great job on the pencil skirt! Love your pinked seams.

  7. One bold piece has been my strategy with neons and brights, too, but I haven't mastered it yet either! I know what you mean about turquoise!

  8. Turquoise is definitely my go to color right now - I'm trying to incorporate it into the front room of our new house (my goal for the summer) and I think that I am going to venture out on recovering some chairs on my own! Eeek!

  9. Ooh, can't wait to see!!! Turquoise in the living room sounds great, too!!



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