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New home project, new ugly mirror for the sewing room

It's been quite a while since I did a spray paint project... I guess winter gets that way. But now it's spray-painting weather, and I was megaproductive last weekend and made over a super ugly mirror I got at Goodwill a while back. It's been sitting in my garage while I used a tiny square mirror from my closet in the sewing room, and I was so ready for a new one.

Here's the before... pretty dated, as you see. (There's actually a stamp on the back that says, no brand or anything, just "MARCH 9 1988." So we know for sure it's not from a great era for home decorating style. ;) )

Pretty proud of myself on this one--I actually pulled out the sandpaper and sanded. Such an important step for something with a heavy grain, and with thin peeling varnish...

Then I gave it a light coat of the rest of my spray primer. Love that stuff.

I debated, but since I haven't really decorated the sewing room much yet, figured a neutral would be best, even though I love the bold spray paint colors. So I went with a matte black spray paint.


I'm working on dressing the space up even more, maybe with some art on one side or some other colorful touches in the rest of the room, but for now it serves its purpose and reminds me of some pretty Glitter Guide-worthy office spaces. =) Here are a couple inspirations so you see what I mean.

Until I get to decorating the sewing room/office!

Oh, another thing I did this weekend--finally made a page for our home tour. Goes through almost all the rooms of the house, with names and links to all the oodles of sewing and DIY projects I've done everywhere. Check it out here or linked from my linkbar!


  1. It always amazes me how much a simple paint job can totally refresh anything! It's so fast and easy, I think I need to do it more around the house. :)

  2. I have seen soooo many of those ugly mirrors at goodwills all of the time! You make everything seem so easy when you make it look better. This summer I am going to devote my extra time to doing super cheap re-makes of things for the new home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The black really transforms it - fantastic!

  4. Wow, it looks so cool. We just moved to a new house so I want to make my sewing space really nice. I have a lot more closet space, so there's less clutter.

  5. it's crazy how quickly spray paint can fix something! the black looks great.

  6. You're always such an inspiration how you see something valuable in things most people would pass up as nothing special, and then you take it home and really transform it! Always enjoy these before and after posts!

  7. That mirror looks 100x better!



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