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That blue lace dress update--I took your advice!

You all were totally right about this dress I made out of vintage blue lace... (without even thinking about it as I cut it out, I made the skirt length the whole width of the fabric, since it had that nice scalloped edge woven in... and it ended up way longer than I was expecting. I asked what you all thought about it, and the primary response was, yes, it should be shorter!) So I hung it in the sewing room closet as I wrapped up my book sewing and writing, and finally had a chance to get to it over the weekend. It's no fun to redo something that you've already finished once, but I had some time plus some Mindy Project to watch while I unpicked, cut, and re-sewed.

Remember it? There it is on the left, and on the right the shortened version!

Much, much better!

So thanks for the feedback on the original dress! Now it's much more wearable and trendy for a springy/summery party, plus a little edgier!


  1. So much cuter! Now I appreciate the scalloped hem more too. :) I'm also working on my own blue lace overlay dress right now! Mine is navy blue though, and a lot less cute looking.

  2. Oh, it's so much better! Very cute.

  3. That's so cute! Nice work! Shorter is better.

  4. Wow! Great update and impressive sewing skills to shorten from the waistline instead of the hemline!

  5. The shorter hem definitely highlights the scallop hem better. Just beautiful, that baby blue is such a pretty colour on you :-)

  6. So much better! It's very flattering at this length--it even makes the bodice look more fitted, maybe because there's less weight pulling it down? Who cares, it's fabulous!

  7. How did you get to be so amazing at sewing, especially dresses ?

  8. The raised hemline improved the whole dress. Nicely done!
    I think sometimes you've just got to leave them on the hanger for a while, and then go back . :)

  9. Definetly a better fit, you adjusted the bodice nicely!! A really, really nice blue and even nicer lace.

  10. Love the new version, if you hadn't changed it, it might have been one of those items that stayed in the wardrobe. Definitely worth it!





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