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The greatest little terrarium shop and my first attempt...

Terrarium shop?? That's what I said when my coworker told me about Artemisia after getting a terrarium gift certificate from there as a birthday gift... an entire store dedicated to terrariums and indoor gardening sounded amazing! And definitely like something we would have here in Portland.

Since moving into our house last year, I've decided to really try at this whole gardening thing--planters on the deck with veggies, and happy houseplants inside in pretty pots. But unfortunately, I know very little about gardening. Or terrariums. But I really like them! I love looking at succulents at the grocery store but don't know what to do with them.

Anyway, so I checked out Artemisia online and decided I just had to stop by, and it's right by my work. I thought their terrarium kits were the greatest idea, especially for people like me who are not terrarium gardening pros. ;) I also wanted to share their stuff with you readers! So I contacted Amy, Artemisia's owner, and she was happy to share a kit for me to review!

They also have an amazing online shop where you can order terrarium kits like the one I got, plus beautiful planters, their custom made hooks and altars, and all kinds of other stuff. I checked out the online shop a couple times before coming into the store on my lunch break recently. The store--O. M. G. So pretty. I took lots of pics so you can see the wonderland I got to look around in!

Here are some of the terrarium kits--these are easy to ship in the mail as gifts, or just to carry home and make wherever. Each kit has a different theme or feeling to it, so you can pick out a personalized little scene to create at home!

They also have kits for hanging terrariums. So pretty, and how cool are those iron hanging stands they have made for them?

They have a big selection of sands for creating your own terrariums, and Amy said people from all over come in or order them online because they're hard to find!

This is the workshop table... how incredible would it be to get to play around with all the sands, rocks, and other materials, just little bits of each? I have so much to learn about indoor gardening, would love to take a class in it! 

Turns out Amy also wrote this beautiful book, Terrarium Craft, which I've definitely seen before at Powell's or other book or garden/crafty stores. It's like a gorgeous cookbook for how to play with different types of plants and materials. So many ideas and so much I could learn from it!

So, I left the store with plenty of pretty images and ideas in my head, and this sweet little hanging terrarium kit in hand. Here's my review of making it!

Here's my medium hanging terrarium kit. This one came with an air plant, so Amy gave me some specific care instructions and I hope I can take care of it for a long, long time. (Turns out the spritz method is a no-no. Glad I asked!)

I loved this sand--it's made from recycled beer bottles. Such pretty colors!

Then I put in some pebbles, then the moss...

Then the purple moss, then my little air plant!

I wasn't sure what to hang it with, thought about string or ribbon, but for now I used this clear fishing line and a cup hook.

Hung the cup hook on the underside of the skinny window at the foot of our stairs, and doubled the fishing line, tied a knot on the end, and looped it through the teardrop eye.

It hangs happily near the front door and at the base of the stairs. What a pretty accessory, and so special and different from the other plants!

So, if you're inspired, check out the Artemisia online store, or the physical store if you're in Portland!, or check out Terrarium Craft

If you're a pro at this stuff, how about some advice? What should my next terrarium/succulent project be? Any great DIY terrarium ideas?!


  1. I love the hammered metal vase under the terrarium. Maybe you should fill it up (or a similar one) with a few succulents!

  2. Oh! cool I want to try to make one. I'll check this place out!

  3. I love terrariums! My grandma used to make them in the 60's and she taught me how to make them. They're so easy and fun to do. We used a lot of found objects and containers and spent a day making them. She had some moss growing on the side of the house, which is beautiful when some pretty stones and miniature house are added. I even made a terrarium necklace with tiny bits of cracked crystal, a small bit of moss and a corked bottle on a ribbon. Believe it or not, they lived for over a year!

  4. I love this! I need to try making one - would be super cute

  5. OOOH I want to go to a terrarium shop! This place looks awesome! And your terrarium is very adorable :)

  6. love this! i must go visit her shop soon, i have been talking about how i would love to put a a small terrarium in the apartment.

  7. Very pretty! I love how airy it looks. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Definitely do! She's super nice, hoping to get the Portland Bloggers involved with them sometime, too! Say hi for us!

  9. That's so cool!! It's amazing how many pretty things you could make, but I don't have a sense of where to start!

  10. That has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! I've been obsessed with terrariums for a little while now and I'll have to try one out soon. Also, I was at White Sands just a couple of weeks ago-- I thought that was the funniest coincidence when I saw your post! It certainly was beautiful!



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