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Little blogging tips Part 6

Part 6 of my loosely ongoing series of little blogging tips! One hobbyist blogger to others. Hope you enjoy these and get a little blogging inspiration!

Suzannah's blogging tip #16: Use the free blogging tools that are available to you--today's example, comment moderation systems like Disqus. I really appreciate how easy it is to use Blogger, and even WordPress, but let's face it--their default comment systems are not very good. If someone comments on a post asking a question, I can reply using Blogger's (relatively new) "threaded comment" layout, but the user doesn't get any kind of notification that I've replied. So they'd have to remember to check back to the original post! Not very helpful. I'd seen comment systems like Disqus on bigger blogs but hadn't realized until recently that I could use them, too! Disqus was easy to install and I love how simple it is to use. I hope you all (any of you who've asked questions in the comments to a post, anyway!) appreciate getting a notification when I reply!

Suzannah's blogging tip #17: Blog consistently--doesn't have to be every day, or 4 times a week or anything, just pick a schedule you can stick to and then stick to it. My husband has been blogging at his blog, Grassfed Geek, pretty regularly and I'm so proud of him, but he's still getting used to thinking about having an editorial calendar. His goal now is to blog twice a week, something he can fit into his schedule manage-ably and without too much stress (although it's still sometimes hard for him to remember to jot down post ideas and thoughts!). (Update: He's mostly stopped blogging for now. Bad example!! Haha.) Maybe later, you can blog more frequently, or with more in-depth posts, but if your goal is to have a bigger or fancier blog someday, you've got to start off with a piece you can chew on now so you can learn those skills for later!
My blogging view from last weekend--editing pics on one screen and watching movies on the other!

Suzannah's blogging tip #18: Hyperlinks. Put them in your posts when you talk about brands, organizations, other blogs, even new concepts (link to a Wikipedia page or other good source). A blog post with links is so much less static, more interactive, more engaging, than simply a post of plain text and maybe some photos. Reach out to the world with your posts, and encourage your readers to learn with you!

Helping my hubby out with his blog has got me thinking about some of these recent blogging tips. What have you been ruminating on lately?? Learn anything new, like I did with Disqus??! Any other comment systems work better for you?! (Always learning!)

Happy weekend!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your husband's blog. I've been looking for other opinions on the Bulletproof Diet and he does a great job.

  2. Thanks for for the Disqus tip! I didn't know it was free and available for little bloggers, I will have to look into it!

  3. Great tips! I understand what you mean about the blogger comment system, but I have run into issues with leaving comments on others blogs with disqus. I guess I haven't fully taught myself to use it well yet and its another thing to have to log into.

    I totally agree about posting regularly as well. I'm just starting to post a few times a week now as opposed to having months with nothing. I love the interaction with people on a daily basis, even if it is through the internet :)

  4. I love reading these- some are things I've learned on my own, but it's also a good way to "learn" the things everyone else seems to know already (Disqus? Just started really learning that this week). Thanks for the tips and tricks! I always revisit for those...and all the other stuff. :)

  5. I've had a couple issues commenting with Disqus in the past, but I think I've got it figured out now--I was sometimes logging in with Twitter, sometimes not... bleh. Congrats on posting more regularly! It makes a big difference coming from months apart, I bet!

  6. No way, that's awesome!! So cool when readers have heard of it! I'm glad you like his blog!

  7. Ooh, good idea... maybe I should try that!!

  8. I started using Intensedebate for comments on my blog and I love it. I hardly ever get spam comments, only two since I started. I originally found it because I saw the CommentLuv thing on other blogs and wanted to find out if I could add it to mine.



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