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Weekend Inspiration: Art and offices

This week has been intense and it's soooo time for the weekend! I spent 10.5 hours at work yesterday finishing up a report, and of course have a book to write when I get home. ;) So I've been trying to relax and enjoy the tasty Paleo dinners we've been making, new episodes of New Girl and Pretty Little Liars on Hulu (my guiltiest pleasures!), dark chocolate, and the pretty things I've been pinning lately.


On my mind currently: 1) we need better art. I love hanging personal and unique or bold art on the walls, and I'm getting tired of what we currently have! Time for something new. Here's a couple living rooms I've seen lately that have done it right.

I need more bold color!! Ooh, there's even a Michelle Armas in there! (Recently discovered Scoutmob, and their fab selection of Michelle Armas prints right now... OMG. I must confess I have saved the Halycon Print to my phone and use it as my wallpaper. Hope that's legal... I think that the "That Bowtie I Like" Print, or the Trellus Print, would look fabulous in my office!! Or could I pull one of them off in the living room??

Speaking of color, these bright watercolors are pretty amazing. And for something fun and cute and graphic, I like the idea of these prints from an artist duo in Atlanta... [must master the art of the funky gallery wall mishmash.]


Okay, so point 2) Thinking about office organization... speaking of lots of work to do, we've been talking about making our office a better usable workspace. Remembering the term "stimulus control." Office needs to be for working, sewing, maybe watching TV on the computer. Need to feel like when we walk in here, it's time to get down to work!!

But would also love a beautiful office... this week's inspirations...

And here's an organized workspace if I ever saw one... dunno about  usable, but sure would make you feel centered.
Source: Suzannah on Pinterest

Overlapping area rugs?

3) This one's random. Also want to find a way to pull off overlapping rugs. We have a couple 5'x8' that aren't quite big enough for the living room or wherever, and could sort of use a runner to protect our carpet downstairs... has anyone done this successfully??

(Of course it looks great in this lovely space with hardwoods and iron bed... how about in my suburban townhouse? ;) )

Those are my fave pretties these days. I'm a visual person, ya know. Amazing how images can cheer me up!

Anyone have any ideas for how I can brighten spaces with art, make our office feel more usable, or cover up some wall-to-wall carpet--this weekend??!? ;)


  1. I have a giant blank space (actually many of them--one particularly behind our couch) that I've been dying to make some art for--Lemme know if you ever want to get together and have an art project--paints much cheaper when shared!

  2. I enjoyed this post.
    I was inspired to be centered by the office spaces and at the same time thought ”it looks like no ones going to work there.”

  3. Ooh, that's an awesome idea!! I have some painting stuff but never get it out. Would be super fun to have a hang out + artsy day!

  4. I'm in the same predicament - we need more art! Etsy.com has lots of great art to choose from! But lately, I've been trying to DIY the art on our walls because it's inexpensive that way (and more personal).

    For the style you're going for, you should consider doing painting abstract watercolor yourself with the colors in the room you're trying to decorate (I found this tutorial on Pinterest: http://growcreative.blogspot.com/2011/08/abstract-watercolor-tutorial.html#). Pick out a frame first (Ikea has lots of affordable options) then make the art to fit the frame. It's cheaper in that order because frames tend to be the most expensive part so finding a frame to fit a specific piece is a pain/ costly.

    ... Just an idea! That's what I plan to do for our dining room, at least :)

  5. That's an awesome tutorial! Love that idea! I'm all about DIYing art, too!



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