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How to Wear DIY: The painted wedge and remade scarf

Phew, that was an awesome, long weekend! Tried to keep it easy but also go a bunch of projects, photos, and some sewing done for my book--yay. Oh, and we made a very big purchase: after several months of sore backs and stiff joints every morning and feeling like we're about 200 years old, we have accepted the fact that the cheap mattress we bought three years ago is terrible and we need a new one. I had Monday off, and we made our second visit to a local mattress company we checked out last week, and bought a brand new set. Memory foam/gel/latex/something fancy and eco-friendly. Cannot wait till it gets here.

Also over the long weekend, did some easy errands and got out a little. I wore my new spray painted wedges, as well as the repaired infinity scarf I also just posted about--wow, yes, you just saw these. ;)

Looking at these pics now, I actually don't remember why I decided to rock those floral patterned tights... not my usual look. I think I wanted to add some texture and pattern to the solid colorblock look and the funny blue and yellow color combo. I'm not quite edgy enough to pull off the super simplistic, minimalism, modern thing, but I wanted to pair those two! Plus, it's still kinda cold out...

So here they are--DIY updated wedges and DIY infinity scarf-from-an-old-former-infinity scarf...
Sweater: Old Navy via Goodwill. Skirt: Goodwill. Tights: uh... Marshalls? Jacket: Ross
Earrings: Target. Scarf: DIY infinity scarf, from a mystery scarf. Shoes: DIY painted!

Anyone else been all about the spray-painted shoes? ;)


  1. I know this is completely off-topic and not about your new mattress (yay!) or outfit, but I love that the area around your new house is such a great background for pictures! The greenery is so vibrant even in February!

  2. That hairdo looks super cute on you! Channelling Zooey Deschanel a bit I think ;)
    I think simple black tights would have worked as well... Or even some different, fun colour. Maybe a pale blue? But that would be quite attention seeking ^^

    Greetings from Germany

  3. I absolutely agree with Marie and Diane...i wan to get bangs, too...but I don't have curly hair. And of course I love the outfit...your new/old shoes look gorgous :) And your smile in the 3rd picture is so cute :)
    I'm sure you two aren't 200years old :D but I hope you will have sweet dreams on your new matress ;)

    Also Greetings from Germany :)

    Lorolei from macaronmaedchen.blogspot.com

  4. A good mattress makes a world of difference, I recommend a dust mite cover.

    Since I'm in the market for new shoes, thanks to yesterday's incident, maybe I'll look into the spray painting trend.

    Also love your tights!

  5. Ah a new mattress is going to be amazing!
    We bought a new fancy one too a few months a go. Best.decision.ever.

  6. I love that skirt and sweater. Great goodwill finds!

  7. Anonymous2/20/2013

    wow your hair looks amazing on you this way. I really like the how youve changed the way you style your bangs; it flatters your face. This is by far one of the best looks I've seen on your blog!

  8. I just LOVE this outfit and your hair looks GORGEOUS! I'm new around here, but I shall definietely be back. Please stay this beautiful! <3



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