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Furniture re-do! Pretty vintage vanity stool

Yay, house projects! I got a few of those done over the holidays and am still catching up a little with sharing. ;) Here's a pretty vanity stool I recovered for our bedroom, using some of the velveteen left over from our tufted headboard, making over a $5 Goodwill find.

So, first off, I am seeeeriously kicking myself for not saving a "before" pic--I could have SWORN I took one. Can't find it anywhere. :/ Sorry. But, it looked an awful lot like one of these in materials and style...

Although was in much worse shape. A couple of holes in the vinyl, very dirty and dingy seat bottom, dirty little feet, scarred-up metal. So I took the seat off, washed everything down, spray-painted the metal... bought some new foam for the cushion, recovered the covered button for the tufting, recovered and re-tufted the seat, and put it back on.

It was sooo easy, and now we have a place to sit when putting on our shoes. Love how small and compact it is. And pretty!


  1. Great job :)it seems comfortable and useful.i tried to paint
    my table but result so so :)i Will follow your posts. Love from smyrna.

  2. Ooh this looks so good - I love all your posts but your furniture / house posts are really inspiring me at the moment!

  3. I have been wanting to make over our dining room chairs! I need some house design help.

  4. Nice job! Your furniture re-dos are so inspiring! Thanks a lot!

  5. I love recovering chairs and such. Easy quick fixes that make a big difference! Nice job!

  6. Looks great. My mom was giving away a stool really similar to this one, I rescued it but I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. I hope mine turns out as awesome as yours!

  7. Nice blog... thanks for sharing with us..



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