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A pretty intense DIY starburst mirror...

I told you we were busy the other weekend doing holiday and home dec projects around the house... here's another! In addition to the simple white mirror makeover I did last weekend, for the stairway down to the garage, but around the same time I found that one crying to be revamped, I found this sun mirror at Goodwill for a similar $8 price. [I had bought another sunburst-ish mirror at HomeGoods a couple weeks before but was still thinking about it; it was a little too modern... so at one point I had THREE mirrors I wanted to DIY into sunburst mirrors, so obviously I had to choose!] My latest round mirror, shown below in the before/after, was the best for doing this sunburst mirror DIY that I had on my list of projects that would be nice.

So, I took this 90's-ey sun mirror and added some skewers, primer, and spray paint, and turned it into a magnificent sunburst-ey decor piece! ;) Here's the before and after...

I hot-glued the skewers on the back, shortening them to different lengths with the longest and shortest in the centers. I actually used two different sizes of skewers, since the biggest-around were nice but would have gotten in the way for some of the shorter pieces, overlapping in the center back. So, I put the skinnier ones in on the shorter bursts, in between the bigger ones.

Spray primered the whole thing (looove that stuff), and spray-painted gold!

And there it hangs proudly.

I wanted to put it above our bed but my husband is a little afraid of it. Nervous about it falling and "stabbing" us. ;) So the entry hall area above our new sofa table is pretty good. It's kinda huge, though. Ah, well.

Instead, above our bed (we really did need something there! It was empty wall space above the headboard!), I hung another sunburst mirror, one that had been above the guest bed... and I put yet another, smaller, more coppery sunburst mirror above the guest bed. Yes, if you were counting, that's THREE sunburst mirrors in my little house, plus a couple of other gold-framed,  round, and oval mirrors. Which begs the question... is there such a thing as too many sunburst mirrors?? ;) I love them!


  1. Not at all! You can never have too many bursts of sun in a house. :]

  2. The end product looks great! Just like it came from a store, yet a little better somehow. ;-) It's cool to see the continued evolution of your home (we both know that it never stops)! J-Stan is totally right about hanging that over the bed though. Someone would die. I've seen Final Destination way too many times!

  3. It looks so great in your place! I love how creative you are. In the first few photos I was thinking it would look fantastic over a bed... but then I saw that your husband was scared it would fall. Yipes. That's the same reason why I refuse to put any floating shelves over the bed. Scary!

    Now I need to set out & find a mini starburst mirror so I can kick up the intensity on it like you did.

  4. Sometimes hubby's logic wins! I usually find it more annoying than helpful because then it takes more planning. You rebounded well! The mirror looks great--I'm kind of a 90's nerd, I kind of like it as is too!

  5. Awesome and very innovative.

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  6. You live in Portland, Oregon, You need all the sunshine you can get! :)

  7. Fantastic! I love the mid-century modern look. Great idea!

  8. Anonymous12/19/2012

    Wow! That's amazing! (It's incredible that you could see the potential and make it happen so well.)

  9. That is such a creative way to upcycle an old school sun mirror. It looks amazing!

  10. That's GORGEOUS! I love the spot you ended up choosing!

  11. Everyone I've shown this to is obsessed with this mirror - I put a little link in my bloggy at the end of this post about it!


    1. Haha, nice! I'm pretty happy with it, although Jason is still a little intimidated by its spikes!



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