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Easy DIY Christmas bunting flags

As noted yesterday... there are a lot of crafty and festive things getting done around my house this week! One of my fave projects from the weekend was my festive fireplace banner... whipped this up with some scraps of red fabric (from a dress I will be sharing soon!! It's super cute!) and some white linen and ribbon--was desperate for some more color and holiday cheer in the living room!

Inspired by some pretty pins I've been collecting for holiday decor, I figured I needed something more on the fireplace mantel. I have some fresh spruce boughs I plan to do something with, but haven't yet. For now, fabric is easiest. So, I made this!

I used the same methods as I did back last summer for our wedding flag bunting, yards and yards of it! You can see my triangle bunting tutorial here and my tutorial for perfect lettering on the flags as well. Although this time, I just freehanded the letters!

There's still more to do to make the house look ready for Christmas, but these are a great start! Oh, and since I took these pics, I made us some coordinating stockings--tutorial (as requested!) coming soon here!


  1. Love it! I hope to get crafty soon and get some decor up... it'll probably be up for about a week. ;-)

    I'm a huge fan of bunting!

  2. What a neat idea!! I might have to try that! It is so festive and a great way to use bunting!

  3. What a sweet little bunting! I can't wait to see the coordinating stockings. I'm currently working on a stocking for my son.

  4. I love bunting, it a simple decoration that looks great and this looks fantastic!

  5. How adorable! I just love the word bunting too.. or maybe just the bunt part as in cake :)

  6. That's adorable! I love bunting!



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