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This weekend's inspiration: Finally, fall fashion

After weeks of focusing on the house... I've finally had some time to dig into my fall magazines--and after the past month of still-summery weather (in the 80's earlier this week!) I may have had sufficient summer time--I've been in denial that cold weather is coming. So with that, and the insane busy-ness of the new house and getting ready for the housewarming party... I had way too many fall fashion magazines piled up! I wasn't crazy about the September issues of my Lucky, InStyle, and PeopleStyleWatch, but after the October issues, I had a good list of fall/winter fashion ideas and lots of inspiration!!  So, this week's weekend inspiration is about fashion, not home dec for a change!

Of course, my inspiration was in the paper magazines... but I'll do my best to recreate my concepts online. ;) I get inspired when I shop to make or thrift similar looks, so most of these I plan to get the thrifty way or DIY!

Fall fashion inspiration!!:
  • Great elegant blazers for more casual wear--maybe in colors, maybe not...

  • Full-skirted midi skirts with natural waists (DIY!) Would be pretty in fall colors!
  • Baseball tee
  • Raglan sleeve sweater or sweatshirt
  • A loose sheer blouse or two in pretty colors--all kinds of options...
  • Chunky oatmeal or fisherman's sweater
  • Colored cords--burgundy? Or is that too last year?
  • Slightly waist-defined shift dress. Several in Lucky mag that I can't find online. Will definitely DIY!!!
  • Motorcycle jacket--would love a colored one! So cute over girly dresses.
  • *Tasteful* print jeans (DIY!) I want dark denim, I think, but a little pattern like this...
  • Pointy-toed pumps (Some of my fave style bloggers wear them so well!) 
  • Monogram necklace
  • Perfect cute and interesting stud earrings!
So what did I miss??  Have you made a fall wardrobe wishlist yet? What's inspiring you this time of year??!


  1. Blazers and girly baseball ts are on my fall list too!

  2. I make review of my clothes right now, so hope to have some list for fall and winter%)

  3. Yay for cool weather and cute clothes! Can't wait to see some fall DIY soon :)

  4. I am so loving Oregon fall right now! The weather has been so amazing!.

    I am totally making a wish list for this fall.. I am loving polka dots, scarves, and am loving that punch of coral. Coral is such a happy color- Don't you think?

    1. Yes! I'm loving the dry, warm weather too! Coral is great--we went apple picking with friends yesterday and three of us coincidentally wore coral tops, and my husband wore a navy/orange-ey coral plaid! Haha!

  5. Dear Lord those patterned pants are gorgeous!!! And Kendi is my favorite fashionista to read--Good luck with the fall fashions! I'm excited to see how your DIY patterned pants turn out :D

    1. Me too, love Kendi! Yes, I don't have pants in mind yet but do hope I get to the stenciling project soon... ;)

  6. 'Love baseball T's1 -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. Love all the looks, especially the blazer and yellow pants. Come by and visit me at the-wardrobe-stylist.blogspot.com. I'm a new follower of your blog.

  8. So cute... I love all of the above looks. I'm actually a huge fan of Fall clothing. I love layers. I really dig the pair of booties in that first pic. So cute.

    1. They are cute, but aren't booties sort of hard to wear? Kendi rocks them though!

  9. Love these and pinning them! thanks for the fall inspiration and love your blog (and tutorial for tufting) So glad I landed here! :)

  10. I am loving dark wash patterned jeans, too. I just bought a pair with tiny polka dots. I'm in love! Now I need a lined blazer :)



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