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Spray paint update--desperate for tables!

Well, our housewarming party has come and gone successfully, and we enjoyed filling our new home with friends and family and showing off some projects we scrambled to get done--and now we want to take some time off. But, as I mentioned on Friday, we had lofty goals for this last weekend, and we actually did almost all of them!! So that means I have a lot to blog about! ;)

Here's a simple project, with before/after photos already taken and edited. ;) I haven't had a lot of computer time lately, as you can probably imagine!

So, we have our lovely living room and new couch and all set up, which is great, but we have very little in the way of horizontal surfaces... or lamps... desperate for side tables! I'm not sure exactly what kind we'll want, or what will go with the rest of the decor, but for now I need ANYTHING! So I found this little vintage wood side table at Goodwill for $7.99. It was already the subject of a DIY project; had been spray painted silver on the legs and black on the top. I didn't dig the color scheme, but saw potential.

I like they idea they were going for, but it didn't really work. I made the whole thing gold!!

Looks much better with the soft greys and ivories; not competing for that neutral tone. And it goes with our gold coffee table!

Lots more where that came from--I've been a furniture-updating machine lately! Sure feels good to cross simple projects like that off the list!


  1. I love the gold! great choice!

  2. The gold looks way better!

  3. I need to get my butt to a Goodwill! We move in just over 2 weeks and will have 684 more sq. ft. to fill! Ahhhhhh! Are there any Goodwill locations you like to haunt?

  4. I was so sorry to miss your housewarming. I had a lot going on that weekend. I hope to see the house another time. I've enjoyed following the construction.

  5. love the how the gold goes with the grey nicely

  6. Thinking of all those things you wanted to get done and sounds like you did makes me remember our previous home. We had been traveling around Queensland, Australia and rushed home with 2 wks to pack up and fix the house for rent/sale. We worked till midnight every night and started again at 6 each day. By the time we left we were exhausted but so pleased with ourselves. Enjoy it all and make the most of it. Now in the 45-55 age bracket we can't do what we used to. I'm still waiting for my new kitchen that was supposed to be in for last Christmas!

  7. It's amazing what a little paint can do to change a piece of furniture! I love how all of these turned out - great work!
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