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Ugly metal coffee table makeover: success!

Sharing the first home dec project I've done for the new house... made over a super ugly metal coffee table I got for $15 on Craigslist. I have serious coffee table dilemmas since I like a lot of styles but I decided to go with something gold to get this kind of vibe going in the living room.
Source: paloma81.blogspot.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

Here's my coffee table inspiration: this faux bamboo gold and glass Jonathan Adler one.

Here's the one I bought on Craigslist. I assumed it was an old 90's one, with the dark green/black enamel, but I've also seen sets of this plus a matching sofa table for sale on Craigslist listed as being from Pier 1. So I dunno, but it was ugly.

So I gave it a coat of spray primer--wow, what a good purchase that was. It totally covered all the black/green and gave it a good base. Then I didn't need nearly as much gold...

I also bought some of the little clear sticky pad things you pic on the backs of picture frames, etc. so they don't scrape the wall. They replaced the black foam pads that were on it originally, keeping the glass from scraping the metal.

And what an improvement!! Here it is in our OLD house. Sorry, did this a couple weeks ago and am very slowly getting through photos to edit and post. This is actually a couch that we had for like a day... bought it cuz we felt pressured to, didn't like, it, resold it for a handsome profit. Anyway...... coffee table makeover success!!

It looks pretty good in our new living room, too! We have lots of greys in there, more like the inspiration images I'm going for. The living room is still sooooo unfinished, though, so it's hard to see how it will mesh with the room. It's so confusing, trying to decorate from scratch. I don't know where to start! So many options! In a good way, too. But we just need to pick a concept and stick with it. Working on that. 

Anyway, yay for spray paint. I love how fast and easy it is to transform things!! And love the gold!


  1. I love gold. The table turned out beautiful! What a find.

  2. It looks great! I am having the same problem with decorating. Where to begin?

  3. This turned out really great. I love your inspiration photos. You're headed in a beautiful direction. Don't rush it. It will all come together!

  4. Wow, it looks great! One day I'll expand out of sewing and into the land of DIY furniture :)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  5. It looks so pretty! Great job!

  6. Anonymous9/06/2012

    damn right it looks good! I never would have guessed that it came from craigslist!

  7. Making over furniture is so much fun! I love what you did with it!

  8. It looks so great!!

  9. It looks great! Which gold paint did you use?

    1. Oh, I don't remember the brand!! Just something normal from Home Depot I think, maybe American Accents or Krylon or something... I meant to check for you but I keep forgetting!

  10. Anonymous9/08/2012

    I love how it looks, especially with those beautiful flowers!

  11. Thanks, everyone! Furniture makeovers are the best!

  12. This looks fantastic! I feel like a coat of gold spray paint can work wonders on so many things, and your coffee table looks so chic and expensive now. Great makeover.

  13. I have the EXACT same coffee table. I got mine from a former roommate for free. It's a great coffee table - very sturdy with HEAVY glass. My boyfriend and I joke that it's indestructible. Ours was greenish originally too and I hated it, so we painted ours black. :) I would submit a picture if I could.
    Great table and the gold looks awesome!



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