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The final house construction update: ALMOST moving day!

Good news/bad news. Right now it feels like bad news, because I thought we'd be moving this weekend, but no. But, the good news is it's just because our move-in date was never set in stone anyway and I was just being an optimist, and it's taking a while for the final inspection and title company stuff and mortgage insurance and all that. So I wish I could tell you I was moving today, but it looks like it'll be Monday when we sign and hopefully Monday or Tuesday when we get the keys! SOOOO excited!

If you've been following the progress of our house construction, since, uh, like... January, you'll be excited, too! Great new place! MOVING!!!!!

But this weekend's a little bit of a bummer. This is what our house looks like right now. Partially packed boxes and empty bookshelves and oddly shaped items grouped together. We slowed down with the packing when we realized we might not be moving this weekend, but I swear I'll finish it up soon! =) Crossing fingers for a smooth moving day!

And then the fun part begins, right? I am overflowing with ideas for the new place and can't wait to see everything in the new place. I've been obsessively Craigslist-ing the past couple weeks and really need to stop until I see how everything looks and decide what we actually need! (But, what if the perfect thing is out there now???? I know, stop, stop...)

Anyway. Hope you have a great weekend and hope I have super exciting pictures and news for you SOON!!!


  1. Wow, kind of hard not-really-here-or-there place to be in… I hope everything works out well. =)

  2. So exciting! Not too much longer. :) We are on the opposite end if the house building dream... We just started!

    1. That's exciting! It will be so cool to pick out all your features!

  3. That is so exciting!!!! Congrats :)
    Something I say to everyone moving into a new house - get the pest guys in!!! Hehehe, I have a major fear of spiders and all insects

  4. I remember being in the very same boat as you, that was almost 11 years ago now! Still remember how frustrating and exciting it was though.

    Good luck! Not long now. I wish you happiness and luck in your new home .

  5. Ahhhh that living around boxes stage is the worse stage!! But YAY that you are almost there! I have noticed in increase in Pinning awesome room inspiration - hope you get to use it very soon!!!

    1. Haha, yes, I've been going a little crazy with the inspiration rooms. Can't wait to try out new looks!



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