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So excited about blogger meet-ups! You gotta see the new site...

This one's for the bloggers, mostly. And for Portlanders. I've posted before about the Portland Bloggers group meet-up events I've been to, but today I wanted to share the newly launched website for the group, PDXBloggers.com! It's live!

I know most of you aren't from Portland, so, uh... I guess, just take this post as a gentle reminder of how awesome it is to get involved with local groups for blogging or sewing or whatever it is you love to do. It's so much fun and always gives me an extra creative energy boost to chat with fellow bloggers! Great way to meet cool people, too. I highly recommend it. =)

And if you're a Portland Blogger--okay, first of all make sure you're on the list to get updates about blog posts, upcoming events, etc.--but you can submit your blog info here to get added to the Portland bloggers list on the site!  *Ideally this list will be a list of MOST Portland bloggers' blogs--I'm sure it's totally impossible to include them all! But wouldn't it be great to have a pretty comprehensive list in one place?*

We'll also be tweeting about #PortlandBloggers and things we're into, so use the hashtag if you want to talk about us! =) We also have a new Facebook page you can "like" for updates.

I'm really excited about the launch of the site (you'll notice I've been helping make it!) and the master blogger list--so submit your blog now if you live nearby! And what a great way to meet other bloggers!

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