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How to Wear DIY: The all-American lighthouse dress

In today's How to Wear DIY I'm showing off one of my fave dresses--I love the lighthouse print so much! I made this dress from a new pattern and the fabric I fell in love with, and had the perfect occasion to wear it last weekend for my parents' July Birthday Party--this year's theme was "all-American summer." My mom's tradition, now, is to celebrate all the July birthdays (we have a lot of Cancer friends, somehow) with a big backyard party. My parents have a great backyard and patio, and I love how I get to see their friends and our family at least twice a year since my parents also host a big New Year's Day brunch.

Annnnyway, with this year's theme being red and white, with some light blue mixed in, I wore my sweet and classic American lighthouse dress. Got lots of compliments. =) Had to share pics from the party, too! We didn't put all that much work into it but I helped decorate, and made the red and white gingham invitations they sent out. Here are some photos!

Gotta love the white milk glass, daisies and picnic-ey theme...

Badminton, I think it's called? And gingham flags...

I tried a grilled strawberry shortcake skewer recipe I found, although it didn't quite work. Now I know for next time--don't do it in the middle of the grill when the coals are hottest!

The dress was right at home!

Didn't have the perfect neutral shoes so I wore yellow! Primary colors, I guess.
Necklace: Forever 21, in like 2009. Wedges: Target via Goodwill.
Dress: DIY, here!


  1. What a cute print, love the lighthouses! And the party decor looks great :)

  2. Me encanta tu vestido!!!.

  3. Anonymous7/23/2012

    Gorgeous dress. You look beautiful! I really like this dress with the yellow accessoies!

  4. Adorable.
    And I have almost those exact same shoes!

  5. I love your necklace! It looks like berries! :o)

  6. The yellow shoes are perfect, the whole outfit looks so fun and summery! All the party decorations look amazing, I especially love the little flags!

  7. I really like it with the yellow shoes! Such a perfect occasion for this dress.

  8. You are so talent.
    Lighthouse print is also my favorite.

  9. Like the dress and the whole outfit!




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