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How to Wear DIY: Picnic dress on a picnic date! =)

Over the weekend for a date night, inspired by the nice weather we've been having, husband and I went picnicking and managed to catch a few sun breaks--and I wore this dress, which always had a picnic-ey feel!  I've been waiting for the perfect place to wear it!

We bought some fun snacks and portable food and then walked around Laurelhurst Park, a big, lovely park in SE Portland, and enjoyed the pretty time of day and relatively warm evening weather.

We particularly enjoyed sitting by the little lake...

And, here's the dress in action!

Just barely needed the jacket, so for some of the evening I just wore the dress.  I got a compliment on it in Trader Joe's and someone asked me where I got it.  One of those proud "Oh, thanks, I made it!" moments... =) *blush.*
Jean jacket: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Bag: Wilson's Leather via Goodwill. Belt: Vintage, thrifted.
Earrings: Vintage. Shoes: Payless via Goodwill (similarsimilar, similar). Dress: DIY, posted here!

I love this dress. =) Here's to more picnic weather sometime soon!


  1. Love the dress (and the duck sign)! When people ask me where I got something I made, I love to answer, "It's my design". Cause then I sound like a real professional and everything, ;-)

  2. Wonderful dress and lovely shoes! I saw so many great simplicity 2444 dresses now and it seem like I need to get this pattern too.

  3. You look great on that dress. Love the sandals too!

  4. Eeeeeee! Soooo cute! :)

  5. Eeeeeee! Soooo cute! :)

  6. That dress! Adorable in a grown up way!
    Love the cut and colour, perfect for summer.

  7. Anonymous6/04/2012

    This is the sweetest dress. Looks great on you. The accessorizing is perfect as well.

  8. Anonymous6/04/2012

    I love this dress, it looks great with this jacket!

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  10. Ooo, a gingham dress! I love gingham. Very cute!

  11. I also love that little rush of excitement when you get to casually mention that you made/designed a garment yourself! People are often so surprised, like they don't think people sew anymore.. sewing is so much fun though! :)

    1. Tee hee! Yep, it is a lost art, sad... but people are always super impressed!

  12. Love the dress, the shoes, the curly hair, and the bag! I love that it was a Goodwill find.

  13. I love Simplicity 2444 the most.

  14. OMG! I can´t believe that people there had to put that sign for those who feed the ducks, it´s so funny, LOL! I just pinned on pinteres that photo, I hope you don´t mind, I put your blog adress because is your photo ok! Lovely dress, you always look beautiful...



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