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How to Wear DIY: Minty fresh and white jeans...

Second How to Wear DIY this week!  Just lots to share, I guess, and haven't had a chance to yet on this one.  So, I've been loving the tee that I dip-dyed mint, and so far my fave thing to pair it with is my white jeans.  Especially with the (very moody, back-and-forth) hot then slightly chilly, rainy June weather that is characteristic of Oregon, but is a major bummer nonetheless.  It may not be sunny every day, but I still want to dress seasonally!

The other weekend I went with my mom to an event in the little town of Albany, Oregon, a ways down I-5 from Portland.  The purpose of the trip was business (hers, historic clothing for museums, etc.), but after the event we got to enjoy the historic downtown before heading home.

The nice downtown has some super cute little boutiques!  This shop had lots of colorful Kensie items in the windows. =)

Anyway, here I am rocking the tee and my white jeans, pretty much my new favorite thing. Had such a hard time finding white jeans but now that I have I looooove them!  Finally got these at TJ Maxx.  I've actually bought and returned three pairs this spring, rrrrrghhh... had a tough time getting some with the right fit--not too low-cut or tight in the legs.  Anyways.

Also looove that trench coat. It was sort of the score of a lifetime at Goodwill Outlet once--it was Express but all the buttons were missing. I just added new ones!  Wear it all the time, kinda wish I had another in a slightly different color.  This one is on sale at Gap if you need one, and I'm seriously jonesing on this one in color choices at Target.

But, the tee!

Also been loving these shoes this spring/summer... I don't really do flip flops anymore, but these have just a little more style and are still super summery and easy!

It's so nice to walk around on an early summer evening!
Trench: Express via Goodwill (similar/similar/similar). Jeans: TJ Maxx (similarsimilar and similar). 
Bag: Wilson's Leather via Goodwill.Necklace: ??. Watch: American Eagle. Sandals: Old Navy via Goodwill (similar). 
Tee: DIY, ombre dip-dyed!

So, have you tried any dying projects yet?!!?  I looove mine!

Hope you've had some nice weather this week like we have--although rain is forecast for the weekend again. You never know with Oregon until after the 4th of July. ;)


  1. Oooh I love your dyed shirt! The JCP near my house had a bunch of white shirts on sale for $3 so I might have to go back and snag one so I can try this.

    Mint is such a fun color. I need to start finding pieces (or making them) to add it into my wardrobe.

    1. Perfect, get several! Great canvases for dying, stamping, whatever!

  2. Anonymous6/21/2012

    Are those affiliate links? I thought it was strange since I haven't seen you suggest "where to find" elsewhere.. don't you have to disclose those??

    1. They're through RewardStyle, but all things that I found and suggested. No affiliates driving it...

  3. Anonymous6/21/2012

    Not many people can pull off white jeans but the dip dye tee goes so well with it!

  4. You came to my town! And you found the cutest shop we have with Emma Downtown. It's nice to hear someone else acknowledge that it isn't summer until after the 4th of July... it should be a well known fact around here :) Love your outfit!

    1. You live in Albany?? Cool! Nice to hear from a fellow Oregonian!



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